Story Eight - Fate

Main characters- Payne and Murhder

Summary- This story is about the Payne’s unfourtunate life at the hands of the Bloodletter. While being kept a dark and forbidden secret in the caves of the war camp, she is found by the warrior, Murhder and they embarq on a journey of friendship, inevtiabley turning to love and heartbreak. Alas leaving everything to Fate.  


This was the place. How she knew, did not matter for her heart beat a thousand beats against her chest as she stared at the tall antebellum columns set along a wrap-around porch of the beautiful plantation home she took in with baited breath. Closing her eyes, she nervously exhaled and made what felt like half-leaded legs move to take the short steps towards the front door. A hesitant hand she lifted towards the brass knocker, with a slight tremble she placed a palm on the door to calm her disquiet, uncertainty clawed at the edges of her very being, her mind instantly took her back…back…so many years ago, to lives ripped apart, changed forever…

“Sewn shut.” The Bloodletter loomed over the small shape of the young newly delivered to the war camp, words he spoke directly to the gaunt female that looked o’er the prostitutes never once glancing down towards the small figure. “Do it, female, NOW!” His spittle reached down, landing on the youngs bare arms but the child never made a sound nor a move, almost as if knowing if it were to so much as breathe wrong, it would not bode well. Against the torches fire, the old whores face creased with angst at the same time she wrung her hands as if to actually give an opinion of the request posed when…SLAP! “Do you DARE to disobey me, female? You will do as you are told and sew these wastes eyes closed, fore no one is to know its existence upon this world, do I make myself clear?” His words roared around the enclosed space of the tiny cave niche where the young was to be kept like a caged animal. The old prostitute held back her whimpers while cradling her swollen cheek with a hand and simply nodded, her dirt streaked face a mask of terror, the whites of her eyes bouncing everywhere except to the Bloodletters face. “What…am’ I to call it, Master?” The whore braced arms and hands to  herself in defense of punishment against her simple request when she felt the impending figure of the male move away towards the entrance of the small dwelling, she peeked through her hands as he paused, an imposing figure in his right as he spoke…”We do not speak its name…let it only be known for what it is too feel for all hells eternity…pain.” Confused but not one to go against the command, she bowed haphazardly upon his retrieval and quickly knelt by the young curled in a ball so still on the ground. “Scribe beheld, but what does he have against such a wee…” Her words trailed, she gasped as a fingertip lay under the chin of the childs face bringing its profile into the hazy, orange light of the flames. One word echoed in the dank space as the old maid looked upon the youngs eyes and reality dawned…”diamonds….” Realization hit the female like a ten ton boulder, this child, this poor child was doomed from the start, mayhap the Bloodletter was right in wanting to keep this secret, she thought as she took out needle and thread she used at times to care for the prostitutes wounds. Such a waste, she thought as hands reached and held the shell-shocked child in place to begin the horrid task at hand she spoke low, broken words in the old language…”forgive me, small one, for not just the pain I bestow on you…but for the pain you shall know for an eternity.” The needle came down swiftly to thread through tender skin as the screams of the youngs reverberated through the caves walls, raining fury upon the night.

Darkness. Every sound and touch amplified to its maximum by the loss of sight. Her sight. Although she was not to be referred by name, she knew enough, thanks to the old whore who had fed her scraps throughout the years, that in fact beneath the layers of dirt on her skin and shorn, matted hair she was indeed a female. Where was the old woman anyway? Days swept into mind numbing hunger, where her belly seemed to eat at itself, the hurt making her delirious. The drip, drip, drip sound of a running leak along the dank stone walls of the cave rivaled those of seeming elephants as a stomping noise inside her head. So she counted, something she had taught herself to pass the time years ago, until she grew weary and fell asleep on her filthy cot, mice running rampant around her feet, her only ‘friends’ in the hell she lived in. A sudden scream pierced the air, what should have been common place to her by now, did nothing but make her abruptly stand to face in the direction of the shrill voice, her heart catapulted into her throat as she threw her hands out to feel her way along the cold walls of the small cavern. By now she knew by heart the map of her confinement, every chip on the stone, the smooth surface of others as well as the cold steel of the metal bars that kept her caged inside…for many years she had cruised along her cell, memorizing it, hoping one day to find escape, something had to give…a low metal-scrape sound snapped her from her reverie, placing her hands behind her to stop the impact, she backed into the furthest wall of the cell, her nose instantly rose in the air to capture the familiar scent of the one and only visitor she had ever had, the old female except…this was not the female but someone anew…warning bells rang loud in her head, without realizing what she did, she crouched low in a fighting stance, her emaciated pretrans body all bones and edges made the new comer rumble a low, dark throaty chuckle causing her to grow very still as if the air had been sucked out of her lungs in terror. Although she couldn’t see, the oppressive feeling cloying her senses told her this males presence was large, colossal even to her small frame but that didn’t stop her from jutting out her chin and turning towards his voice to confront whomever this was, asking in a voice raspy from not much use…“Where is the old woman?” Eyes. She felt them boring into her very soul but she remained steady on her feet, her hearing picking up on his breathing pattern so she knew the exact spot to where he stood. “She is no longer of this world.” The stranger growled out, taking a step towards her. Upon hearing the news, she wobbled on weak legs, her knees threatening to buckle from underneath her but she stood her ground, “Are you here to kill me then?” Her voice shook with fear as well as an underlined rage she kept closed in begging to be unleashed. “Nay’ came his response as he stood directly in front of her now, the heat coming off his skin undeniable as was the sheer size of him since his voice seemed to come up from way above her head. “You are the Bloodletter’s secret, why? I do not know…tales have been told about thee yet no one has believed until now for you see, I have watched the old whore for years from afar coming to these forbidden caves where none are allowed…” As he spoke, he squat down and with roughened fingers, turned her face towards the light of the torch he had placed on the stone bracket behind him and was unable to hold in the string of curses that dropped from his lips as he took in her features. “You are purposely blinded.” Paralyzed from fear, she shook under his touch, only able to nod in confirmation at his affirmation. The male released her face but stayed in the squatted position staring at her until he pressed something to her hand before getting up and walking to exit the jail. “No one knows of your existence, female, and no one will. Ever. But me.” With those words, he retreated closing her in once again to her darkened solitude. Finally able to catch her breath, she closed her palm around what he had placed in her hand, the scent of its orientation making her stomach growl before her mind registered what it was…food. He had brought her food. Knees finally gave out from underneath her, she sank on the dirty cot, taking a hungry bite of the meat and although she did not believe in any deity for her life was proof of that, she thanked whichever one had decided to allot its grace upon her for delivering an angel from the darkness. 

The years that followed were only made bearable by his visits, as scarce as they were. On occasion, he would stop with a handful of grains or a chunk of stolen meat, never entering her confinement but just gently rapping twice on the iron bars to signify his arrival. Unbeknownst to him, she would know of his presence even before he signaled and she waited for him, hands gripping the iron bars as he uncurled one of her fists with a surprisingly kind hand to press in whatever he had brought for her. Even though her lack of sight, always she would lower her head as a sign of gratitude towards the male that had taken upon himself to care for her to which he would lift her chin up with calloused fingers and reply, “’Tis naught but a gesture, female, nothing of importance.” And she would find herself blushing at his words, shaking her head in disagreement, mumbling her ‘thank yous’ and receding quickly to the back of the cavern feeling unusually perplexed and confused. Several days had passed since his last visit where she found herself actually pacing in the small confinement, bare feet she dug in the dirt every time she would get from one end to the other. This was not like him. Her stomach grumbled in protest but she pushed down her hunger pangs, just to replace them with angst. What if he did not return? What if he was hurt? He had explained a little about their location, the war camp and what took place there, so she knew it was a place where death was upon every corner, so what if…dread filled her and dug claws in her chest…what if he was to the fade? For certainly a male of worth such as he would know naught else. Tap, tap. Her pacing ceased, she called a whisper into the darkness, “’Tis you?” Metal-on-metal sounded, the scrape barely audible as the iron bars opened and booted feet stepped towards her direction. Momentarily panicked, her hands went up to her throat, when she heard the low, rumbled voice of the warrior she was coming to know…”’Tis I, female…do not fear me. I…I have brought you something.” Never a voice she had been happier to hear, an instant impulse she repressed of running into his arms. Although not fully transitioned yet, how foolish would a female of pretrans age look to a male as such….her thoughts trailed as she sensed him closer and he asked for her to sit on her cot, so she did turning her face expectantly towards his voice. The first drops of the cool, damp cloth on her face made her cringe and recoil from his touch to which he hushed soothing words…“Shh, I will not hurt thee, ‘tis merely water.” She heard him dip the piece of material again, water droplets plop, plopping into the pail as he brought up the cloth again to wipe the grime & dirt upon her face. Visibly she relaxed, although inside her heart wanted to climb out of her chest at his gesture for she knew he could be viciously cruel, why would he be here at the war camp after all but with her…he was different. No words passed between them, as he gently cleaned her cheeks, tenderly going over the lids of her eyes, passing the cloth against her forehead…no words were needed for such an act of kindness defined a turn that neither of them wanted to think too much on. Satisfied for the moment he stood leaving her where she sat and loomed above her as if wanting to say something but instead turned and walked towards the iron bars before saying…”I have left you something…you will find it next to your leg, on the right side…fare well, female of the shadows.” With a loud clang, he was gone and her heart sank. Right hand roamed to her side, patting around until coming up to touch the softest of materials. Grasping the item with both her hands, she touched it to her face and for the first time in her life…smiled. A blanket. He had left her a blanket for warmth. Chest constricted, she held back her tears for it hurt her to cry through her sewn eyes, so she breathed and breathed….and breathed big gulpy breaths of air until she calmed enough to lie on her cot, curled into a ball clutching the blanket to her chest as if it were the last hope in her miserable existence.

After the visit where he cared for her with the simple wash and blanket, his stops to her cell became more frequent. Seemed the Bloodletter had taken a leave of some sort, in search of ‘new blood’ and had left the camp for a fortnight which gave the training warriors half a moments peace if that. During those days, he stayed with her for several hours to which they spoke of the mundane, granted he did most of the talking since her entire life had been spent behind those dank walls. He would tell stories of his childhood before the camp, to where she could feel his longing for his family, to stories of wars and the impending possibility of joining the ranks of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, to which his voice took on a proud tone that even filled her with pride. “Here, this is for you…I bid you be careful with it, female, ‘tis not something for play. I want you to have it. For safety.” He turned her hand, palm up and placed what felt like a piece of cold metal on the center. With her other hand she reached to finger the item, the flat pointed edge of the blade she touched with her forefinger while running her thumb along its edge. “’Tis a weapon?” She felt his nod at her question and replied, “’Tis a dagger, female of the shadows and I will teach you how to use it on this very night.” She swallowed hard but agreed to his request, getting to her feet without a moment to lose. And so the lessons began. He was strict with her but fair, relentless in his teachings not sparing her mercy due to her disability but showing her how she could use it to her advantage. And oh did she ever…quick learner as she was, he would give instructional placement to her arms, legs and she would mimic them in an instant. Granted her body was not developed and she was more than awkward at times but the desire was there…like kindling to a flame. So for the next two weeks, they spent together sparring, her listening to his stories at times even attempting to laugh with him, though the sound was foreign to her ears …he continued to sneak her what food he could steal and always thought to bring a clean piece of cloth with water whenever he had the chance. Overall, this was the happiest she had ever been in her entire life.

…………..6 months passed

Agony. The female writhed on the ground, her kicks registered against the solid surface of the cave walls to make her feet bleed but that was just an added bonus to the excruciating pain bouncing her insides making her bones feel as if they were being crushed and swung around like a bag of rocks. And gods, but she was cold…so cold her teeth chattered in her mouth, jaw clenched tight as if to attempt to keep them in her head. Shouts in the distance cut through her delirium but the pain only caused her to double over, moaning in defeat unable to get to her feet. What was happening to her? She had fallen asleep only to awaken in a pool of her own sweat and trembling from head to toe. Disoriented, she barely heard the iron bars being thrown open until big hands lifted her limp form, hardly registereing his voice, “Can you hear me? FEMALE, can you hear mine voice?” It was him. He had come for her as she knew he would, except he was so far away…so very far…the hand that trailed through her matted hair, to brush along her brow burn needles to her skin as she returned from consciousness to realize she was no longer on the ground but cradled on his lap, his voice barely above a whisper she heard reciting prayers in the old language asking for guidance through the voyage, for a safe deliverance, for health upon her…her…he prayed for her but why? A wave of nausea wracked her body, causing her skin to go stark white, when she heard his words loud and clear through the haze…”Drink female, you must do so to survive or you shall die.” She felt him shift his weight under her, the hand he had soothed her brow with he brought to a pause momentarily only to bring it to her mouth, wrist side down as she felt the first drops of blood fall feather light across her lips…she cried out, instinct taking over, her mouth opened and she latched on, lips closing around his wrist and swallowed immediately. His blood hit her system like lighting, senses coming alive, her hands came up to hold his arm in place but it wasn’t enough…it wasn’t enough! She needed MORE, blindly, she shifted in his lap while her hands unabashedly roamed over his chest, across the strong line of his collar bone up to find…there, yes…his throat. Fingers traced his jugular vein as she felt his head turn at her silent plea, she took his movement as a yes and sank newly formed fangs into his neck, drawing great big pulls of his crimson life into her mouth. Her nails dug into his shoulders but he kept his head to one side, exposing his neck to her, offering everything he had, giving her life in return…much later, between bouts of in and out of consciousness, she laid naked and limp on the cot. Although still sore, her body hummed with new strength she never thought possible as she sat up and stretched long legs in front of her she felt with her hands the sleek musculature of her thighs, all the way down to her calves. She reached up to touch upon lithe but strong arms, her hand she continued to run across full breasts and defined abdominals. Transition. It had come for her without warning and it had almost killed her if it wasn’t for…tilting her head getting her bearings she realized she was alone once again. Frowning, she tried to lift her body from the ground but it seemed to weigh a ton when she realized there was a blur in front of her, where only darkness had been before. Startled, she waived a hand across her eyes and jumped as the sudden movement caught in her visual line. Not wanting to strain what she thought was already a miracle in itself, she moved her eyes from behind closed lids and felt the thread that had kept them shut for years, give way slightly until she winced in pain only to breath through it and try again. She was in the process of repeating this ordeal, when his presence she felt near, enter the cavern with hurried booted paces and stop abruptly before she heard his breath hitch in his throat, she wondered if her appearance was so abominable to him. “Put these on, female and hurry…there is upheaval in the camp.” A bundle of clothing thrown on her lap, she dressed herself with shaky fingers and asked, “Where will I go…this…is all I know.” Without warning, strong arms banned around her body as warm lips pressed against her temple, she heard him whisper…”With me, female, we shall escape together.” His words opened a darkened window to a soul she thought to be dead. Her hands reached up to grasp her fists in his shirt and hold him tighter against her for she did not know what the future held but she knew if she was with him nothing mattered. Before she could nod her head in agreement and immense explosion sounded off in the distance as rocks fell over their heads, he tried to protect her while pulling her out of the cell and running into the maze of underground passages to the outside world. Death cries bellowed into the night, the sounds of clanging swords against each other, against flesh was macabre music to her ears as they neared the exit of the main cave under his careful instructions to where she should go paces to the left or the right and what to avoid. Just as they neared freedom, another explosion, this one with light as bright as the sun stopped them in their tracks, a black hooded form stood suspended from the ground, light emanating from the openings of the robe where arms, hands and legs should be. She heard him whisper, ‘Virgin of the Fade’ and heard his knees drop to kiss the ground they walked upon. Puzzled by his behavior, she felt for his shoulder, found it and tried to tug him to his feet. “Hurry, we must go!” Although she was unable to see the tiny form of the female that glided over to her, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end to notify her of her presence enough to hiss out, “Who goes there?” A fleeting caress she felt on her cheek, while the next words spoken would change her life forever…”Greetings daughter mine, I have returned for thee.” Strength made her bold but fear made her dangerous, she countered in return…“I do not have a mahmen and I go wherever he…” A finger she jabbed in the kneeling warriors direction…”…dwells.” Crossing her arms to drive her point home, she stood her ground, facing this unknown being. “Is that so? Stubborn as your sire, I see well…I shall make it simple for you, Payne, either you come with me or the dies…” Her given name, never to be spoken out loud ran her chilled to her very marrow with dread. This was someone not to be taken lightly, someone if she was a foolish girl, she might contest but the threat against her was too great of a loss to bare, so she lifted her chin and spoke her request…”Mahmen you say? I will go with thee but he goes untouched.” The low growl she knew was from his throat but this was life or death and his life meant more than anything she was worth. “As you wish, daughter mine…when you are ready…” At this, the Scribe Virgin disappeared, leaving them there alone to face one another for the last time in the entrance of the salt cave…”Payne…” his hands that had cared for her through her many years of isolation, came up to cup her cheeks as her whispered name fell reverently from his lips. “’Tis the only way…even if we are to be apart, I will know you live.” She raised her hands and with her fingertips traced every ridge of his face to memory…from his brow, to his temples, fingertips traced along his eyebrows to find scarring on his left one, down to his straight regal nose, across high cheek bones, to a strong chin and finally to linger across soft, full lips she would never know what it was like to kiss. Before bringing her hands down, she cupped to the side of his face to where he leaned into her palm and said…”We must promise, in blood…to find each other again.” Words left her, for the pain of the transition was minimized ten fold by the ache she felt in her heart knowing she was ne’er to see him again, so she gave him a silent nod as he took her by the edge of the cave and knelt near the wall pulling her next to him. Her dagger drawn, he placed his hand gently over hers and vowed to her with words of the old language as he carved her name into the inside of his left forearm, he had her trace each letter with her fingers to know he spoke truth. “Warrior, I vow the same but…I do not know your name.” He leaned in and whispered his name for her ears only. With a nod, she balled her left fist and carved his letters into the skin of her forearm without regret. Once completed, he took it upon himself to rub the caves salt over their wounds so as to leave the permanent reminder to never forget each other. “It is time, Payne” the voice of the Scribe Virgin seemed to boom behind them, Payne lowered the sleeve of her too big shirt to cover his name and with her heart screaming in her chest said the most painful words ever known…”Good bye.”

……three centuries passed

Payne had traded one jail for another by coming to the Sanctuary at her mahmens request to save the one and only male she would ever truly love. Three hundred years later and the ache still bloomed raw in her chest at the mere thought of him, fates, was he alright? She rubbed her thumb along the ridges of the old letter scarring of his name along her forearm, more from habit than anything else…did he think of her? Her diamond gaze looked out over the pristine panoramic view of the Sanctuary. Upon her return, she had been taken care of by hand-picked Chosen by her mahmen to restore what had been ‘broken’. Her skin was bathed in oils, her hair washed with the most fragrant perfumes and her eyes…her eyes that had not seen light since she had been but a young were returned to their breath taking crystalline beauty. Time and time again she caught herself though, closing them in order to see better if that made any sense at all but she would…especially when she wanted to remember his face. Fates, she had gone over and over to the seeing bowls, to find any hint of his whereabouts but it had been as if he was erased from existence…how could that be when every record was in such perfect, chronological order within their libraries, where she currently searched again for his name, her long black braid falling over her shoulder as she took journal after journal out of past and current Brothers. Sitting on the cold marble of the library floor, a shelf she had failed to check displayed several sets of black bound journals with what seemed as if the name on the spine had been purposely erased. Crawling in her robes to reach the new books, she hurriedly opened the first journal and her eyes opened as wide as saucers when skimming quickly through the pages, his name popped up in every other sentence…by fates, she had found him. Putting the book aside, she grabbed for the latest one, dated one hundred years prior…odd but she opened it anyway to find his last whereabouts. With the Chosen now frequenting the other side along with the Primale, Payne was free to roam but never had any reason to until now…clutching the journal in her hand, she had found his location…and her new destination….Charleston, South Carolina.

With one last deep breath, she stood in front of the large white door, her long slender fingers reached to curl around the brass knocker when suddenly, the door was practically ripped open from its hinges and a huge beast of a man stood in front of her, long, wild wavy dark hair framed his face to match an equally wild look to his peach colored eyes until they settled on her, a spark of recollection vaguely illuminating his face but he didn’t move towards her, as if she was an apparition. “Greetings, Warrior”, she bowed her head slightly, her clear, white irises never leaving his she dared to step closer to him but not crossing the threshold of where he stood. The moment between them etched still in time as she lifted her left forearm and rolled the sleeve to her robe, revealing the markings on her pale skin, she repeated the words they had said to each other that long time ago…”There is no Payne without Murhder…” In return, he lifted his left arm and pushed up the sleeve of his button-downed shirt to reveal the markings on his skin and repeated…”And there is no Murhder without Payne.” One booted foot, followed by another stepped towards her until he swept her up and held her tight against him…”Your eyes…for now I see why fore….” His words trailed as he buried his face in her hair and she held him against her. Murhder pulled them apart, just long enough for her to close diamond eyes and trace his features with her fingertips as she once did so many years ago and she smiled, reopening crystal orbs she felt the power of lighting pass across the sunset stare that lifted from beneath his long lashes. Hesitation held no time in this space that surrounded them, when his lips captured hers they were demanding and passionate summing up his want, need and love for her in the motion. “You found me, female of the shadows…” He whispered against her lips, as his embrace grew tighter around her, she simply responded…”Nay…we have found each other.”

As only fate would have its way…  


Story Seven - Viva Las Vegas

Characters:  Tohrment and Lassiter

Summary:What would happen if Tohrment never formed the connection with No’One?  Never reconciled the loss of his shellan, Wellsie, and most importantly, never re-established the unity with his Brothers.  How might his path have changed if he’d chosen to leave behind the world he’d known for centuries, only to strike out on his own, his personal angel at his side? We find the former Brother and the fallen angel living the life of nomads, travelling extensively while Tohr continues to contribute to the war between the vampire race and the Lessening Society.  Lassiter remains as his keeper, his job never finding the conclusion he’d hoped for, yet bound by his nature to stick around, not only for his own amusement but to maintain the connection he and Tohr have built upon. Join us in this alternate reality, come take a peek into one of the possibilities that could have been.


“Well fuck me.”

Eyeing the table, I walk around slowly, the blue chalk working the tip of my cue stick as I calculate my next shot.  The middle aged human male who’d tossed down a Benji, claiming he could take me in a quick game of 9 ball, had just come damn close to making good on that boast.

I toss the chalk to the bumper and glance across the room.  The angel sat perched on a barstool, his shades doing a fair job at hiding the white glow of his otherworldly irises.  The brunette nestled between his thighs, soaking up the attentions of my counterpart, seemed to be currently in the process of working her hands over Lassiter’s belt.  The angel, however, threw off an air of indifference.  His fingers were randomly toying with her hair, but his gaze roamed the pool hall as though he were already summing up the next prospect. 

Ignoring the wannabe tough-guy biker when he bites out a snide comment, something about getting my attention off my ‘girlfriend’ and back to the game, I plant my shitkickers firmly and line up my shot.  Sharp shooter navy blues light up as my lips curl into a grin.

“9 ball, side pocket.”

A rough laugh erupts from my opponent.  “Yeah, good luck with that asshole.”

Rolling my neck against my shoulders, I’m rewarded with a loud double crack.  I draw my arm back, the cue sliding smoothly through my fingers to knock the cue ball into the purple striped four, which in turn ricochets off the bumper and taps the nine ball, gently sending it rolling into the side pocket as promised.

I lay my palm flat against the one hundred dollar bill a split second before he made an attempt to snatch it back.  Drawing myself up to my full height, I narrow my eyes, growling dangerously.

“You planning on welching on that bet, my friend?”

“I’m not your friend, and you’re a fucking shark.”  He spat, the body odor this close up nearly causing my eyes to tear.

“Did you just accuse me of cheating, LITTLE MAN?”

I tuck the bill into the front pocket of my leathers and rest the cue stick against the table.  Grinding my jaw against the anger that’s rising quickly, I turn to face off with the tough guy only to meet a meaty, bruised fist that connects solidly with my jaw.  Releasing a snarl of contempt at the human, my left hand flashes out to catch his wrist as he begins another swing.  My right fist smashes into his solar plexus in a swift uppercut jab, the air expelled from his lungs reeking of Jack Daniels and fast food as he clutches his abdomen and sinks to his knees.

It’d been too long since I’d fed properly, and being so far from the streets of Caldwell I hadn’t had the release of offing lessers regularly.  Seemed the only outlet I could find for my frustrations reduced me to bar fights and street brawls.

I plant my boots at either side of the human’s prone torso, squatting down to rest my ass against his gut.

“Lucky shot, my friend.  Once your lungs start to work again, how about you give it another shot, yeah?

As the fucker mumbles incoherently, I draw back my arm and let the punch fly.  Blood spurts in copious amounts as the cartilage of his nose snaps, his indignant shout echoing off the walls of the pool hall.

Randomly scanning the hall, I mentally tick off tonight’s menu.  The brunette for an appetizer.  The blonde in the corner, a tight denim mini-skirt hugging her pert ass as she bends to offer a show along with her missed shot, will make a delightful main course.  Yes, don’t forget the raven haired beauty who’s Neanderthal boyfriend has been chugging Bud Light all evening.  A perfect dessert. 

However much my attention is diverted, I still manage to keep tabs on Tohrment.  Heaving a weary sigh as the human he’s been playing against lands a crack against Tohr’s jaw.

“Oh sweet lord, save me.” 

I roll my eyes and grip the brunette by the shoulders.  Easing her from between my thighs, my hands work to zip up my pants and refasten my belt before bending to brush my lips against her ear.

“Hold that thought, beautiful.”

I stand, head and shoulders above everyone in the club, and slip through the crowd in time to see a bouncer and the bartender grappling with Tohr, neither able to budge the warrior an inch from his position.

“C’mon buddy, get off him, will ya?” The bartender pleads.

I laugh long and loud as the bouncer’s grip fails, sending him sprawling backward with an enraged grunt.  Shaking my head at the spectacle, I stop directly in front of Tohrment and tuck my thumbs into my pockets, tilting my head with a shitload of “Really? Again?” plastered to my face.

A red-faced, huffing and puffing beefed up version of Eminem brings himself into my line of sight, barking angrily for me to get my friend and get the fuck out of their establishment.

Raising my brows high, I hold up my palms and laugh.

“He’s not my friend, but if you can’t handle your patrons on your own, I’d be more than happy to give you a hand.”

Taking the sneer as a “Yes, please.” I bow graciously to the barkeep and bouncer with a sunshine bright smile lighting up my face.


Bending forward, I lock my hands around Tohr’s wrists tightly and haul him off the human piece of offal he’s chosen to pummel tonight.  Ignoring the snarls and growls of protest, I escort Tohrment toward the front of the pool hall.  Flashing a brilliant grin at the heads that turn to watch the grand exit, I pivot on my heel, leaving through the main doors as though we’ve completed an award winning performance.  The scowls from the staff matching the poorly veiled threats of bodily harm were we to return.

“Just fucking great.  That’s the second time in as many weeks you’ve gotten us thrown out of there.”

Depositing Tohr against the outside wall of the Cue Club, I draw in a deep breath of the Las Vegas night air.  Of all the places we could have gone, this had to be the best damn idea I’d had in a century.  The transient nature of the city itself made it a breeze to blend in, not to mention the freak-factor being high enough to mask even the strangest of oddities we flaunted.

Not bad, considering my own natural glow, his lack of a tan and our collective sizes.

“Bullshit.  Last week was your fault, Lass.”  He quipped.

Shaking my head emphatically, I argue the point.

“No, no.  It was you.  I remember it as clear as day.  You and your godforsaken temper get us eighty sixed every time.”

“No fucking way, it was you.”  He straightens from the wall, boot heels clocking against the cement sidewalk as he approaches.  “Remember that blonde.”  He holds his hands out in front of his chest as though he’s cupping a set of tremendous breasts.  “Thinking with little Lass was what brought that shit on.”

Crossing my arms over my wide chest, my own glow radiating brighter than the parking lot lights, I furrow my brow, thinking.

“Little Lass.  That the best you’ve got, Balboa?”  Chuckling, I give an acquiescing nod.  “Yeah, okay Rocky.  You’re right.  The last time was my fault.  My bad.”

Taking his nod to be as much as I’m going to get out of him tonight, I begin to walk toward the boulevard, Tohr’s footsteps falling in beside me.

“You know, we could try to go back to the Side Pocket.  If you’ve still got an itch to shoot pool.”  Virtually beaming with my suggestion, I glance sideways to my partner in crime.

Receiving a noncommittal grunt, I begin to hum the theme song to “Rhoda” and turn my face into the breeze.  Covering three long blocks, I stiffen as Tohrment stops in his tracks.  Groaning with dismay at the familiar expression on his face, I lay my hand against his shoulder, prepared to beg.

“Oh shit, Tohr.  Come on.  Not tonight.  Can’t we just give it a rest?  Just this ONCE?”

My hand closing on thin air, I turn my eyes to the night sky and scowl.

“Oh for the love of …  Why me?”

I take off at an easy jog in the direction Tohr had bolted in, perking up as I realize that although I don’t give a shit about the war against the Lessening Society, this is an opportunity for him to let off some steam and assuage his oath to protect his race.

The unmistakable stench of baby powder hits me like a freight train.  Nothing short of a miracle could stop me as my legs piston, boots pounding the pavement as I follow the scent with a growing sense of urgency.

Rounding a corner near a run down apartment complex, I flip my trench coat open down the front, my hands curling around the handles of the black daggers I still carry.  The metallic song as they’re released from their sheaths signaling my arrival to my enemy.

“Well, what do we have here?”

I fall into a fighting stance as the two moon faced recruits turn to face me.  On the wind I catch their whispered words of incredulity.

“A Brother?  No. Fucking. Way.”  The first one murmurs as his partner nudges him, dropping low and preparing to spring.

“The Forelesser said they’re all on the East coast.”

“Yeah, well.  When have you ever gotten the right intel from Mr. H?”

“Shut the fuck up.  We’re here to pick up the shipment and are out on the first flight in the morning.  We aren’t here for him.” 

The larger one jerks his head in my direction, oblivious that their words are clear as a bell to my sensitive hearing.  I pay close attention to this little exchange, tucking away the bits of information they’re willingly giving up.  A message can always be left on Vishous’ voice mail.  I’d done it before, although never from the same place.  Or the same phone.  Fuck it.  I’d left when the realization that my relationship with the Brotherhood had reached it’s logical end.  I couldn’t bring myself to settle in and adjust to the new life everyone was so eager to lay in my lap.  The paired up couples of the mansion made it difficult enough to function.  My Wellsie remains in my every thought, every action.  Substituting her with a pale imitation was an insult I couldn’t overlook.  The female that Darius and I had rescued all those years ago had died the night she gave birth to her daughter.  She’d used my own dagger to end her life.  How the fuck anyone expected me to let that slide, that she was allowed a ‘second chance’ when my shellan and my unborn young were gone forever, I’ll never fathom.  Unacceptable.

So, yeah.  Leaving was the only option if I had any hope of retaining my sanity, and keeping what fragile memories I kept close intact.

Leaving with Lassiter?  That had been unplanned.  Sure, the angel wanted nothing more than to be finished with his charge.  I’d given him a vast amount of opportunity to bail.  My ever-present shadow was having none of it.

Snapping back to the present, the alcohol that had offered a pleasant buzz earlier having reached the end of its influence, I kick my chin toward the pair.

“Well, ladies?  Am I getting my dance card punched tonight or not?”

Without waiting for a reply, I dart forward on the balls of my feet, fangs bared as I charge into the first massive agent of the Omega.  Slamming into a solid chest, I shove the lesser into the cinderblock wall at his back, bringing the dagger in my left hand up in a tight arc to pierce his abdomen, sliding through the flesh into the empty space where a beating human heart once rested.  The bright flash and resounding pop leaving a brief impression behind my eyes. 

Shaking it off, I spin to face off with the second pale fuck.  Ducking my head to the side just in time to avoid a heavy roundhouse blow, I sweep my right leg out, catching the lesser behind the knees to send him crashing to the ground.  Dropping both knees onto the mountainous chest, I raise my right arm to deliver the death blow and send this bastard back to his maker.  Before the blade makes it descent, I’m knocked to the side as the lesser jackknifes from the pavement, bouncing to his feet with an agility that surprises even myself.

In my effort to roll to the side, I’m upended as a steel toed boot lays into my ribs.   Landing hard against a dumpster, I push off of it and scramble to my feet, my left hand clutching at my side.  Testing my capacity for breath, I’m relieved to recognize that I’d gotten out of that with no broken ribs.  Lucky.  Shit, I needed to get this fucker down, and fast.

The instant I gain my footing, I launch myself at the lesser in a blur of lethal steel, blades flashing in the glow of a distant, amber streetlight.  Feigning right, I shift my weight to my left foot and arch in beneath the thick arm that whistles past my head, my dagger meeting little resistance as it slips between the third and fourth ribs.  I blink against the industrial strength flash that fills the alley, casting stark shadows in the brief moment before the body turned to an oily smudge.

Walking casually, I follow the sounds of a concentrated battle until I come upon my charge.  Taking up a post at the mouth of the alley, I lean against a battered Ford F-150 and fold my arms across my chest.  A wry smile pulls at my lips as I stretch my legs, crossing them at the ankles and assuming the posture of a passerby enjoying an unexpected fireworks extravaganza.

Wishing randomly that I’d thought to bring popcorn, I wince as my boy is caught in the ribs and tossed ass over teakettle like a bean bag.   “Shit, that was a good one.”  Keeping a close eye on the action, only willing to step in if things go south for Tohrment, I catch a movement out of the corner of my eye.  Barely shifting my attention from the fight, I raise my hand, the glow being thrown from it enough to read a newspaper at midnight, and lay my palm against the forehead of a lesser who’d been inching closer through the dark.  Grinning as the body slumps to the ground, I whistle through my teeth to the lesser’s partner, snagging his attention before repeating the touch and drop once again.

Yawning dramatically, I roll my eyes towards the heavens and silently question the powers that be if this is what my existence has been reduced to.  Sure, the drinking and the women are a great distraction, but an eternity of babysitting Tohrment the Wonder Rogue?  Even I’m not deserving of that.  Am I?

As the former Brother stabs the second lesser through the chest, I bring my hands together, applauding slowly.

“When you’re through admiring your handiwork, I’ve got two more for you to finish up.”

I point to the pair that lies stunned at my feet, a self-satisfied grin plastered on my face.

Stalking to the mouth of the alley, I glare at the cocky angel who lurks there.  A smug smirk twisting his lips as I prepare to finish off the two who’d put in a late appearence only to be knocked flat when Lassiter touched them.

“You knew I fucking had it under control and you still felt the need to step in and interfere?”

Dropping to a knee, I send the duo back to the Omega with a quick jab to each chest.  Ignoring the fact that the flashes from these two pale in comparison to the sunny glow emanating from Lassiter.

“You mind turning that shit down?  I didn’t bring my SPF 1,000 with me.”  Wiping my daggers against my thighs, I slide them back into their sheaths and tug the edges of my trench coat over my chest to conceal my weapons.  “You’re going to have to teach me that trick someday.”

“What, and spoil all your fun?  Not on your life!”

“Yeah, right.  I forgot.  Making anything easy is not in your job description.  Fuck you too, Lass.”

Deliberately turning my back on the angel, I step free of the alley, leaving behind only a few black, oily smudges to mark the location of a never ending battle between my race and the Lessening Society.   Not turning my head as Lassiter’s strides match my own, I fix my gaze on the sidewalk beneath my feet, playing back the worn and tired images of my last days with the Brotherhood.  Reflecting on the distance I’ve come, the long and empty road ahead, I fall into the broody silence that’s become my constant companion.  Fuck, with the exception of my living, breathing, angelic shadow.

Strolling along in the familiar silence, I read the expression, the hunched shoulders and halting gait of my charge with a groan.

“C’mon, Tohr.  Let’s get your ass cleaned up and maybe head out again.  What say you?”

The short shake of his head brings an exasperated sigh from me, I step up my pace and bounce around to block his path.  Completely unsurprised by the steps he takes to walk around me, I clasp my hands to my chest, a look of mock anguish parading across my features.  Shrugging off the indifference, I break into an ambulatory version of an iPod to pass the time.  Belting out Cher and Bette Midler, with better range than either. I smile and nod to each car that passes blaring their horn, every fellow pedestrian that laughs or applauds, boos or tosses out catcalls.  “I shoulda been on Broadway, I tell ya!”

“Shut it, Lass.”

“Oh praise the Lord, he speaks!”

“I said, shut it.”  His upper lip curling into a sneer as he directs his anger my way.  Again.

“Fine, fine.  Fine.  We’ll go back, clean you up, and I’ll sing you a lullaby.  Need some warm milk to go with that, old man?”

Dodging the hand that flashes out toward my head, I laugh and nudge his shoulder with my own.  “Hey, we’re here.”  I push through the chrome and glass doors, leading us into the lobby of the third hotel and casino we’d been in since our arrival.  The two prior having asked us oh-so-nicely to vacate the property after a few rambunctious evenings.  Who knew that the human strippers I’d brought back could be so damn loud?

I escort Mr. Jolly to our rooms, closing and locking our door before I turn to see Tohrment standing as still as a statue in front of the bureau.  “Ah hell, c’mon.  Let’s get your ass to bed.”

Taking the simple nod and running with it, I wait for Tohr to undress before I hit the bathroom for a wet washcloth.  Tossing it over, I watch the former Brother clean the black blood from where it’d splashed over onto his skin, methodically removing each drop with an intense focus.  I’d seen this before.  This silence.  This single-mindedness.  I know exactly where he is in his head right now.  A heavy ache sprouts from nowhere to grow roots in my chest.  As much of a pain in the ass as my charge can be, I feel for the sorry bastard.  The losses he’s suffered are more than any living soul should ever be subject to.   My hand grips the blanket on his bed, drawing it back as I wait patiently for Tohr to crawl his naked ass underneath.  “That’s it, buddy.  A good day’s sleep and you’ll be seeing things right side up again.”

As he settles his body into the middle of the mattress, his head sinking into the pillow with an exhausted sigh, I go toe to heel with my boots and kick them across the room.  Crossing my arms over my waist, I grip the edges of my shirt, pulling it over my head before shaking out my hair.  My fingers pop the buttons of my 501’s, doing a shuffle as I hook my thumbs into the waist to tug them down, going commando has it’s bene’s.  Leaving the jeans where they lay, I turn to the second crisply made bed.  Giving a quiet chuckle, I pick up the blanket and slide in, the mattress dipping as it takes my weight.  Slipping across to close the distance, I drape my arm around Tohr’s waist, curling my body around his.  His deep, slow exhale a welcoming sign as I bury my face against his neck and close my eyes.  Another day in the life of….

The End


Story Six - Symphath’s Deadly Secret

Main Characters: Rehvenge and Ehlena 

Summary: When Rehv’s past comes back with deadly intent, he must face it to save what is his. 


The Princess bitch didn’t know how dead she was about to be.

Rehvenge had long since stopped reining in his temper, he was seething with black consumed rage. The red of his eyes showing the symphath in him, vision narrowed to 2D and he saw only in shades of crimson. Fine by him. He didn’t need technicolor to gut the bitch where she stood. His second in command stood off to the side. Watching her boss through those gun metal gray eyes, his grid locked out to her, yet she felt his fury pour out of him like black swarming ink. His moors across the room, silent, ever watchful, each of them his trusted friends, family really, and they witnessed Rehvenge’s inner core light up with deadly intent.

She’d taken his Shellan.

Some fucker at the colony had betrayed him and cut her free, the monstrosity that was his half sister. This night, he promised, every last person, symphath, vampire, human alike who had had a hand in taking what was HIS would feel his wrath.

He stormed around his penthouse, fingers dragging over the cropped mohawk, the three piece Armani business suit long since ditched, replaced with leathers and a black muscle shirt, he looked more like he’d fit in with the brotherhood at that very minute than he ever would as the Glymera’s Princeps Leahdyre. His footsteps heavy and loud on the marbled floor.

He’d taken his eye off the ball. And fucking lost the one thing that mattered to him. His Ehlena. His gut tightened, eyes cut to the clock waiting for the very second the sun would drop from the sky and he could safely materialize up to the cabin for the little show the Princess had orchestrated.

Oh yeah, she had her shit planned out. He knew that. He’d received the embossed note not three hours ago. And had had the torturous wait knowing Ehlena wasn’t infact at safeplace, but trapped, secluded in the one place he’d never wanted her to go to.

The cabin he’d had to pay his vile debts to his half sister for more than twenty five years.

His fangs pushed down into his mouth, the sneer he wore was all menace. Dark and frightening to all who would see it. He’d show her no mercy. Her blood would stain his skin, his throat. For taking what belonged to him, for laying hands to his Ehlena that whore would die. And die by his hands alone. Slow and agonizing.

Another minute past. More pacing. Until that golden second arrived and he practically roared as he tore open the door, taking the stairs three at a time and rushed outside, his feet barely touching the ground when he sent his molecules scattering in a hot rush across the night sky to deliver death and revenge.

Ehlena slowly opened her eyes, willing them to focus through the pounding headache that was building at the base of her skull. The world around her was a blur, nothing of the little she could distinguish was remotely familiar. The room appeared to have rough wooden floors and wasn’t large but it positively screamed “cabin in the woods.” As her eyes adjusted to the low lighting, she was able to discern a bed, table and two rustic chairs, made of what looked like tree trunks that had barely been stripped of their bark before being whittled and notched to create the furniture. “Rehvenge,” she whispered, her throat dry, “Rehv, Nallum?” The voice that answered wasn’t that of her hellren, the bone chilling laugh belonged to someone…something else.

"Your preciousssss Rehvenge isssssssn’t here female," the eerily disembodied voice hissed, the serpent like speech decidedly female, though Ehlena couldn’t imagine who it might belong to.

Eyes pressed tightly together, she fought against the throbbing pain at the base of her skull that threatened to sicken her stomach. “Who are you, and what have you done to Rehvenge” Ehlena demanded slowly peeling her eyes back open, a shaking hand moving to her swollen belly, silently comforting her unborn young.

The figure stepped from the shadows and moved slowly towards Ehlena, robes of pristine white making a soft wooshing sound as it moved smoothly along the floor, reminding her of those the chosen wore. But the similarities between this thing and the lovely chosen stopped there, that much Ehlena could tell as it paused and hunched down before its captive.  The body was a little too tall to be feminine, it’s body a little too thin, with pulsing red eyes and a face that seemed too angular to be beautiful. When the stranger’s hand reached up to cover Ehlena’s, she had to bite down on her lower lip to keep from screaming, each pale finger was long and slender having three knuckles and bright red nails. Though this being bore no physical resemblance to her hellren, It was undoubtably symphath.

"Rehvenge has not been touched, though I ssssusssspect that he is quite beside himself by now," the thing hissed with a self satisfied sneer, "asssss for who I am.. That is an ansssswer that you will recccceive in time."

Fear and anger caused Ehlena’s entire body to shake, the young moving inside her making her feel vulnerable, though she knew she had to keep her head. The push of symphath into her mind was different than when Rehvenge scanned her grid, it felt somehow more malicious. Activating her defenses, she pinned a picture of she and her hellren deep in the throes of passion to her frontal lobe. Her toffee eyes met and held the swirling red of her captor, the violent anger held in the stranger’s apparent. “Why have you brought me here? What do you want with me?” Ehlena spat the words like poison from her mouth, how dare this female think her weak enough to hold her against her will, chained to the wall like some ancient prisoner.

The insane laughter that came as answer to her questions chilled he very bones. “SSSStupid little vampire bitch, you truly have no clue who I am, do you?” it said, moving slowly away. The symphath perched on the edge of one of the dining chairs, fingers playing absently at the scorpion earrings it wore. “You have laid claim to what issss mine, and now you both will pay.”

Ehlena’s eyes flew wide at the declaration, how fucking dare this THING try even suggest that the male she was mated to, whose young she was currently carrying, belonged to another. “You bitch! Rehvenge is MINE, and I’ll be damned if some jealous bitch with a superiority complex is going to change that,” she growled low and menacing, the answering sinister laugh amping her anger higher.

She caught a hint of eyes that flashed a brighter crimson when it turned to a table in the corner, bringing out what looked like a syringe filled with amber liquid.

Her head shook back and forth in a furious motion, tears springing to her eyes while her body and hands curled protectively around her rounded belly and the future it held. “Don’t.. Don’t come near me with that,” Ehlena begged, sobbing hard, her anger instantly replaced by a bone deep fear for both herself and her young, “I’ll shut up, I’ll behave. I promise, just don’t harm the young!”

The symphath looked almost amused as it knelt next to her, pressing the plunger just enough so liquid bubbled from the needle’s tip. “I have no desssire to hurt the child,” it sneered, “the offspring of mine half-brother carriessss my blood assss well.”

The words sank in slowly as the thing rendered her unable to move with it’s demented mind, taking hold of her arm and stabbing the needle deep in the vein. “Half-Brother?” she wondered as her consciousness started to fade. “That…meansssss you are…..the princesssss,” her words slurred as she struggled to remain conscious, though her body was screaming to sleep.

Ehlena struggled against the numbing effects of the drug, her entire body focusing on the young she carried within her, doing her best to assess their combined health. Tears of relief slid down her face as she felt movement in the form of strong kicks inside her womb, “Thank the blessed Scribe Virgin,” she whispered as the Princess moved back to the chair, red eyes never leaving Ehlena.

"Did your loving, devoted hellren tell you about our passsst, female?" the icy voice hissed, the smug smile looking all wrong on the angular face. "What we did, on a monthly basssssisssss, right here in thissss very cabin?" When Ehlena shook her pounding head the smile twisted into something all together self-satisfied and sinister. "Then by all meansssss let me do the honorsssss," the bitch hissed, not even pausing as Ehlena fought to adjust her drug heavy body, cursing when the shackled leg refused to comply with her mental commands. Her focus was fully concentrated on the subject at hand, allowing for the mental wall she had constructed to crumble for the shortest of seconds.

It was all the time the princess needed to push inside her mind, filling it with images of Rehvenge and a symphath. Him naked, his hands wrapped tight around the slender throat of his partner, his face twisted in a fierce pleasure as he pounded into the core of the female through a rip in the fishnet body suit she wore. The visions didn’t stop there, but continued to assault her one after another, until they blurred together. Each one featuring her hellren and the same symphath bitch locked together in explicitly sexual poses, his face always frozen in  pleasure, the apparent pain increasing in each.

Ehlena’s eyes widened in surprise as the scenes played out in her head. “No. Fucking. Way. Rehvenge would never have fucked his half-sister!” She screamed, her body choosing that moment to give in to the increased pull of the drugs and unconsciousness took her again.

Rehvenge was too far gone to think clearly. He arrived at the cabin, Xhex and the moors warned to stay-the-fuck away. This was his fight. The air was dense, thick with tension, the grids inside told him his tahlly was there. He sent out a pulse of power and the door splintered apart, the drug lord reverend people feared took a step inside, his red vision assessing the quiet stillness.

He knew his shellan was here. The bitch of a sister too. He snarled, a terrifying sound, fangs jagged, lethal, in his mouth hissed animalistically, he was on the edge of insanity, his heart beating irregular as his temper flared. He followed his blood, followed the trace to Ehlena. His feet bringing him up short seeing her chained like a goddamn animal to the wall. His growl, black as his soul was right in that moment alerted his half sister, her grid lit up with sickening love for him, her androgynous features brightened seeing him like he was paying a fucking visit for afternoon tea. The temperature dropped twenty degrees around him. Without even a seconds thought he rammed hard into her frontal lobe making her buckle to her knees “Rehvenge, my love” her face looked altogether too pleased he was inside her. Bile rose in his throat, he strode forward, grabbed fistfuls of the robes the princess wore and dragged her to her feet. It disgusted him that she seemed to push closer to his body, angling her hips to rub against him.

"You took what is MINE!" Venom poured with Rehvenge’s words, he struck her again inside her grid, using his brute force as a symphath to immobilize his half sister. The sick part of him reveled in the game play as she tried to fight back, a war of mind-fucks was what got a symphath off, what they dined on for fun. The sickest fuck was the alpha and with a sneer he tapped into the incestuous love she felt for him, all the times he’d had to fuck her for his freedom, to pay her with the thrust of his cock deep into her core, he crammed each memory into her brain until her moans filled his ears. He used every twisted fantasy she’d ever had, and turned it into a weapon of destruction. Her pleas only made Rehvenge’s eyes flash red with hatred and loathing.

She tried to fight back, making his laugh drag from his lungs, bitch couldn’t do any worse to him than she already had. He looked down at his shellan, still and lifeless, only for her chest moving would he think she was dead “You took my Queen.” He hissed right in her face, fingers latching onto her hair anchoring her to him “Nooooo! sssshe will never be Queen! sssshe is nothing”

Rehvenge, too far gone to retreat from his dark games felt the familiar burn of her scorpion venom on his skin but didn’t let go of her, hands locked to her throat, red eyes met red eyes, ones filled with love and pleading the others burning with hatred and vengeance.

A noise caught his attention, it sounded like an army of heavy pounding, he snarled, expecting her symphath’s to storm inside. Fingers got all the tighter around her throat. Not fast enough to stop him killing her first. Her blood red eyes leeched tears, silent lips mouthing “please..” Growls roared as he caught a familiar scent

"Like hell we stay behind" Xhex stepped around Rehvenge, the moors too, followed by six of the brotherhood. What the fuck, she’d brought a posse of killers. "We apprehended her men from the woods…you ahhh" His second in command seemed to stall, all of them stood watching him choke the life from a female. Not a female. An abomination. "finish here, we’ll be outside scoping out more trouble"

"Take Tahlly!" Rehvenge hissed. He didn’t want her to wake to find him in the throes of murder. They all made like dominoes and as one got the fuck out of that cabin, he loosened up on her throat, giving her air she pulled in, eyes and hands reaching to him. Further making his skin crawl. She wouldn’t have a fast death.

"Your vampire bitch knowsss everything, my love. All the times we lay together" She was pleased seeing the flash of anger in her males eyes, his passion and rage held no bounds and she loved that about him. She’d rid them of that female and young and they’d make their own.

The blow met Rehv as the princess wanted, it tore at his gut. His female knew of all the disgusting things he’d had to do. All the depraved acts he’d shielded from her. She needed to be gone. Once and for all.

As consciousness crept up on her again, Ehlena could feel the pull of her blood coursing through her males veins and knew he was close, he had come for her. The thing that was utterly wrong was that she had been freed and was now in the arms of another male. Her grid fired to life with hundreds of possible scenarios, all of them ending with the gruesome deaths of both herself and the tiny new life she carried inside her.

The terrified scream that tore from her throat echoed through the trees that surrounded them. Her eyes squeezing tighter together, breathing heavy she froze when she felt the heavy weight of hands on her shoulders and back, the chest she was cradled against rumbled with the soft spoken words, “Ehlena,” the voice was familiar and soothing, though not that of her hellren, “it’s going to be okay, sweetheart.” Trez crooned in her ear.

She could feel more bodies, large bodies encircling her and knew she was safe with their makeshift family. With a shuddering breath Ehlena finally opened her eyes and took a look at the circle of huge males, and a single female, that surrounded her. Trez immediately made a move to sit her to the ground, but she clung to his neck, afraid that her legs wouldn’t hold her. “Please, just hold me until Rehvenge…” she started, then stopped, realizing that he wasn’t part of the entourage,  ”Where is he? Where is Rehvenge?”

Even she could hear the threads of panic in her voice as she slung her head from side to side searching through the darkened trees for her mate. Each of the six brotherhood warriors, Xhex, iAm and Trez met her gaze, and in every single pair of eyes she saw the same thing. DEATH. Her head jerked back towards the cabin, where she could still sense Rehvenge. She stared through the thick trees, squinting in a failed attempt to make out his strong silhouette against the light of the window.

"If he is in there with that bitch, then why in the fuck are you all out here with me?" anger and fear for her hellren warred inside her. "Xhex! You know that insane bitch! How could you?" she accused, not at all surprised when the female warrior stepped all up in her personal space.

"Watch your words Ehlena. That male in there spent 25 years paying his half-sister, with his body and a monthly delivery of rubies, to keep a secret." the female’s gun-metal grey eyes could have bored a hole straight through her head, but Ehlena never looked away. "A secret that wouldn’t have been an issue if it hadn’t been for me. So when Rehvenge gave me the order to stay out while he took care of his business, I didn’t argue." With a ragged sigh Xhex stepped back, "He deserves this revenge, for all that bitch has put him through."

Stunned to silence Ehlena just nodded, her expression apologetic, and ran worried hands over her belly, their little one kicking like a soccer star inside her. There she stayed, in the arms of Rehvenge’s best friend, praying for his safe return to her.

As the blood tears leaked from the Princesses eyes, staring longingly up at Rehvenge despite the fact he was cutting off her airways, he had a moment of pure clarity. This shit with her was going to be finished and done with once and for all. That black cloud he’d carried around over his head for so long was about to be rained away. For good. He held those red eyes while his thumbs pressed in and up on her throat, he felt her go limp underneath him, her grid reaching out to his and he let her, she could do no damage to him now, whatever ounce of pity he’d had for her, the reason he’d let her continue to live once her blackmail shit was over with, was now hitting zero. He’d fucked up and for that she’d laid hands on Ehlena and his unborn young.

"Your young is quite…strong, Rehvenge" She choked out, lips drawn into a thin line, giving him pause to glare darkly down at her "I had quite the fun while the female bitch was out cold" It made Rehv’s veins turn to ice. What. The. Fuck. had she done to Ehlena and their young?

The Princess knew of the terror filling him and relished the emotion, her claws digging ever deeper into his mind. She knew death was coming, she felt it tug her under. Who better than to send her unto the fade or Dhunhd most likely, no symphath would go unto the fade, than by the hands of her beloved half brother. The only one she ever felt that weakening emotion love for. That female he protected so vehemently would never be a true match for the power coursing through Rehvenge, Only the Princess had ever witnessed what great evil he was capable of. And oh how it had made her weak for him. As her life flowed from her body, her mind checking out with a flicker, her eyes closing, she watched that face of his, strong, beautiful and full of hatred, her lips worked one last time, in a hoarse whisper…

"He will be the perfect symphath…. strong much like y-y-you my love.." and as her eyes lowered, her features darkened with evil as Rehvenge drilled death into her grid "He will be born knowing his true mahmen and become a warrior against all vampires" Her parting shot to Rehvenge hit where she expected it to, her last thoughts were his for the taking, to see her creeping into his child’s mind, manipulating all instincts to bond with the one who birthed him, embedding an imprint that would change him forever..

Rehvenge let go of an earth shattering roar that splintered walls and doors around him and brought his people and the brotherhood barreling into that cabin to find him on his knees over the dead body of the Princess.

Thick coiling terror curdled in his gut, he would never know if what he’d seen was true or the sick twisted mind-fuck of his half sister one last time. But it would live with Rehvenge in that dark place even his female couldn’t ever reach..

A secret he’d share with no one. A fear the half breed vampire would carry until his young was born and grown.

He knew then death hadn’t truly taken the Princess from his life. She’d always be there, lurking in the depths of his doubts whenever he looked at his child.

She’d manipulated him once more. Check-fucking-mate.


Story Five - Lover Realized


Main Characters: Blay, Qhuinn, Saxton

Summery: Though Blay knew he was in love with Qhuinn he moved in with Saxton, determined to move on with his life. For three weeks he suffered nightmares of the day he left. When he could no longer stand it, Blay goes to ZeroSum to find Qhuinn, in the locker room that night their lives will change forever.


“Qhuinn, No, wait, please,” Blay plead watching his best friend run up the stairs towards his room,  his own feet glued to the colorful tile floor of the foyer while the male disappeared around the corner.

“Fuck,” a murmur on his lips as he gave chase, taking the stairs two at a time, Armani loafers pounding the crimson carpet at a dead run down the hall. Nearing Qhuinn’s door he slid to a stop, trying the handle unsuccessfully. “Motherfucker would lock the fucking door,” he hissed slamming his fist into the door several times. 


“Dammit, Qhuinn! Open the door!” He jerked at the knob again, “Open it NOW.”

Well hell, the look on the guys face when he jerked the door open, letting it slam against the wall, was gut wrenching. “What the fuck do you want, Blay? I thought you were leaving, moving in with my COUSIN,” Qhuinn snarled.  Turning his back to the red head, his eyes zeroed on an escape, the bathroom, but didn’t make it three steps before Blay snagged his arm spinning him so that the two stood face to face.

"You made it very clear to me that you didn’t want me. You thought I’d be better off with Saxton, so why the fuck are you behaving like this now?” he snapped.

Qhuinn stepped forward, his face mere inches from Blays, scent slamming into the male like a ton of bricks as his mismatched eyes full of smoldering anger.

“Blay, just fucking go. Leave. Have a nice life with Saxton. He’s a male of worth, HE’s what you deserve.”  

Blay could read the pain on Qhuinn’s like a book, and didn’t it just break his heart. Tentatively he laid his heavy, slightly damp palm against a flushed cheek, brushing the pad of his thumb back and forth over the gun-metal gray hoop piercing his lower lip. Their eyes locked, and Blay felt something crackle in the air, summoning every ounce of courage he had, he closed the slight distance between them. The current of electricity intensified as their bodies melded, he could feel Qhuinn’s resolve waver as their eyes held and leaned in to lightly press their lips together. Cautiously his lips parted as Blay caressed them with his tongue, “Fuck, he tastes amazing, dark and spicy,” He thought. Their tongues stroked and rolled against one another, Blay getting up close and personal with another of Qhuinn’s piercings, a matching barbell through his tongue. His hand slid up Blay’s arms and buried in his hair, fisting, tugging.

“Fuck, Qhuinn,” Blay groaned, his hands moving to the male’s hips pulling him closer.

“Blay.” Qhuinn mummered, voice ragged.

Blay’s heart beat out of his chest as he heard his name fall from those pierced lips. Pulling back he looked into blue and green depths, knowing his voice would falter. God he wanted Qhuinn to want him. “Hey, I’ll stay if you want me too. Just tell me and I’m here, ready for whatever you are.” Blay searched his face for some hint as to what he was going to say.  

They stood there like that for what seemed like an eternity, just looking into one another’s eyes.  Then he saw the shift, Qhuinn’s eyes darkened, a hardening covering his face as he sneered.  “NO! Blay, this was a mistake. Fuck…” he took a step back. “You need to just go. We will Never be anything like you want. Saxton’s more your speed.”

Blay’s face heated, not out of embarrassment, but anger, Qhuinn’s denial of him made him so fucking angry that he saw red. Blue eyes narrowed to deadly slits, aiming them directly at Qhuinn he unleashed every last word that was bouncing around in his skull.

“MISTAKE? That’s just great.” A bitter laugh escaped him as he drew back his fist and connected it with Qhuinn’s jaw in a powerful uppercut.  Anger flashed in the male’s eyes causing him to take a step toward Blay, but he stopped short.

Blay didn’t miss a beat. “You know Qhuinn. You’re the one hell bent on me being with Saxton. I want you, but you just made it real fucking clear that I’m not shit to you.”

“Blay God-damnit,” Qhuinn ground out through clenched teeth. “Fuck, I didn’t mean…”

“No, I’m sure you meant every word.” Blay snapped, his voice harsh, cutting off the sentence.

Anger starting to run low, the hurt kicked back in. Blay’s chest ached, making him feel like he’d been hit by a truck. He took a deep breath and cleared his mind because his next words were the biggest fucking lie of his life, he watched as Qhuinn’s jaw clenched and unclenched. His next words were very clear.

“Qhuinn you just made the hardest decision of my life the easiest one. You’re right. Saxton is an amazing, talented, and worthy male. I know I would never be a mistake to him.  You want me gone so god-damned bad then consider me fucking GONE.”

Qhuinn’s expression went blank and his mouth fell open, but he said nothing. Fuck even now if he said stay, Blay didn’t know if he could walk away.  The ‘I don’t give a fuck’ look in those mismatched eyes as he turned back for the bathroom left no doubt that he held no remorse over what he was about to say. “Like I said before Blay, take care of yourself.”

Three weeks later: 

Blay sat bolt upright in bed as Saxton’s alarm blared upbeat jazz music. Fumbling through the darkness, his heart pounding, he reached across the bed to nudge the male to get him to shut it off. The quiet that enveloped him after the music ceased was deafening, his mind insisting on replaying the vivid dream he’d been awoken from. It was the same dream he’d been having every night for the last week, and it was just a little too real for him.  Real, yeah, maybe that’s because it was all true. The nightmare of the day Blay left the brotherhood’s mansion had been haunting him every time he closed his eyes since.

“Dammit,” Blay murmured, rolling out of bed and heading into the bathroom.  As he relieved himself he couldn’t help but think of his last kiss with Qhuinn, which would probably be their last, ever. Knocking his head against the wall he wondered aloud, “Why does the male I love have to be such a hard headed pain in the ass?”

Effectively pissed-off and moody as fuck Blay left the bathroom, bumping into Saxton half way across the bedroom. Soft arms slid around Blay’s waist, and he pulled their bodies flush against one another. “Umm, Blaylock, you smell amazing this evening,” he said peppering kisses along his neck and collarbone. Blay wrapped his arms around Saxton’s shoulders and looked down into his pearl eyes. “I would love for you to join me for a shower before first meal, love,” Saxton’s voice was smooth as silk, and impossible to deny. Blay gave a silent nod and found himself being pulled back into the bathroom, though his mind was miles away. 

Blay’s eyes stayed focused on the smooth lines of Saxton’s body as he leaned in and started the shower, damn that male had a nice body. He was truly a sight to behold, but fuck if Blay didn’t keep thinking about Qhuinn, wondering why in the hell he wouldn’t just give up and admit that he shared Blay’s feelings.

“Well, are you joining me or not, Blaylock?” Saxton said teasingly, pulling him out of his head, thank the Scribe Virgin. Blay flashed a sly grin and stepped behind him, arms wrapping around his chest to pull them close. Looking at one another in the mirror their physical differences obvious. Blay was least six inches taller with a warrior’s build, broad shoulders and sculpted muscles. Saxton’s build was that of an aristocrat, smaller,  and while he was still muscular he looked positively minuscule next to Blay. With a forced smile he bent down and pressed a soft kiss into Saxton’s bed messed hair and pulled him into the shower. Saxton looked up into Blay’s face, a long fingered hand smoothing through the soft red locks of hair, “What’s on your mind, Blaylock, and don’t try and put me off again, you’ve done that for weeks and I still don’t believe it.”

The honesty, curiosity and concern in Saxton’s face prompted him to answer, “I haven’t spoken with Qhuinn since we left the mansion, almost three weeks ago, Saxton.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to you, but to me it’s an eternity. We’ve never gone more than a day, maybe two with out speaking.” Dammit, he didn’t want to spill all of this to Saxton, shit. Thing was, that once he started talking about it he couldn’t control the stream of words that came out of his mouth.

Standing there, Blay looked down at Saxton, afraid that he’d said something that would upset him.  But instead of looking hurt he was sympathetic, pulling Blay’s face down and brushing their lips together, “I’m very sorry that he’s so upset, my cousin always did have a temper.  I must return to the firm this evening so you’ll have some privacy to try and call him.”

Blay dropped his face to Saxton’s neck and kissed softly over his vein, “Thank you Saxton, I think that I’ll do that,” He sighed.

They separated for a moment, Saxton turning to get the soap from the shelf behind him. When he turned back his hair was wet, water cascading down his body. He looked so good all wet like that as he worked the soap into a thick lather and started running his hands over Blay’s broad shoulders and chest. Working them back and forth across the tight muscles, Blay allowed his eyes to close and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the male’s hands on his body.  

Saxton, being ever the gentleman traded Blay places so that the water could run down his body, rinsing the soap from his hard defined chest. He could feel the heat as it trickled over his shoulders, down across his pecks and ran over his tight abs. He was so lost in the feel of the water that before he knew what Saxton was doing, his back had been washed and the delicate hands were moving lower. “Mmm, damn that feels good,” Blay moaned as they caressed his tight ass and wrap around his hips.

Blay looked down at Saxton, who was now kneeling, their eyes meeting briefly before the male took his steely length in his soapy hand and started to stroke slowly. “Ugh, that…mmm,” Blay moaned as he was pushed against the wall of the shower, the water beginning it’s assault his sensitive shaft, but Saxton never missed a beat, he continued stroking harder as he stood to capture Blay’s mouth.  Oh hell the male could kiss, his tongue lapping at those soft lips until they slowly parted, giving him entrance inside, where his tongue brushed and rolled. Blay shivered as he was gripped harder, the stroking becoming faster. His release was so fucking close, “harder,” He groaned, his voice deep and husky. With a smirk Saxton complied and it took just two strokes before Blay was exploding all over his hand and the shower.

Saxton stepped back with a devilish smirk, “Blaylock, your body feels divine against mine as it poises for release.”  He took the soap and washed himself then passed it to Blay and reached for the shampoo for that beautiful blonde hair. Blay washed his own hair as Saxton rinsed then stepped out of the stall, leaving Blay with a quick kiss.

Standing alone in the shower Blay was so damn conflicted. It was incredibly easy and natural to be with Saxton, but he knew this wasn’t love. Saxton wanted him, and hell he liked being with the lawyer, he had taught him so much about himself in the last couple of weeks.  He leaned back against the wall again, just letting the water run over his body allowing his heart to return to normal before shutting off the water and reaching for a towel.

Saxton had already brushed and styled his hair and was in the process of smearing a moisturizer of some kind on his face when he finally stepped out of the shower. Blay smiled at the sight, thinking that here he wasn’t the only one who cared about his appearance.  Saxton turned to face Blay and kissed him softly, his eyes smiling as he turned away, a male happy in what he had in front of him, 

Blay took his place in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth, gelling his hair to perfection before checking his nails and leaving the bathroom to find clothes. He leaned against the closet doorframe admiring Saxton as he waffled between a black Gucci suit and a grey Armani one. He was deep in thought and hadn’t heard Blay come in, so he quietly slipped back out and stretched out on the bed until Saxton finished dressing.

Even from the bed he could smell Saxton’s cologne, having intentionally not worn any so that the scent wouldn’t be tainted.  Being with Saxton was easy, Blay didn’t have to be someone he wasn’t. Hell, he get the feeling that Sax knew where Blay’s heart resided, and that he would’ve been with Qhuinn if he’d gotten the chance.  But that didn’t stop Saxton from looking at him with eyes filled with lust, the promise of passion, and the slightest hint of love. Fuck he wished that just once Qhuinn would look at him that way, but damn, if he ever did it would all be over from there.

“You look quite relaxed,” he heard from the closet door, “It’s really too bad that I must leave for the office.” Saxton grumbled petulantly as his hungry eyes met Blays.

Blay mirrored his smirk, “Why is that too bad, Sax, hmm?” A wide smile spread across his face when Saxton moved towards him, dressed to impress in his black Gucci two button suit and matching shoes, ever the picture of masculine beauty.  

He stopped to hover over Blay, who was resting on his back, running long fingers over his chest, then dragging them across his nipple causing a shiver as he paused at the edge of the towel. “Because, if I didn’t have to leave I’d remove this towel and teach you more ways to please me,” He whispered teasingly, skimming fingertips back and forth along the ‘v’ of Blay’s hips, causing his cock to harden. Blay growled when Saxton turned walked to the door with a grin, pausing to look over his shoulder, “The doggen have first meal prepared, so get dressed and meet me up in the dining room?”  

“I really need to talk to Qhuinn,” Blay thought as he pushed off the bed headed to the closet. When Saxton disappeared down the hall he removed his towel, dropping it in the hamper as he passed. Once in the closet he chose a pair of khaki slacks and a royal blue sweater that would cling in all the right places. Snagging his socks and shoes he perched on the chaise to dress before heading down the hallway and upstairs for first meal.

Saxton was sitting at the table with his perfect posture and his napkin neatly arranged in his lap, looking exactly as proper as a male from the Glymera should. Blay paused in the doorway to take him in and wondered if he could ever make himself love this male the way he did his cousin. A silent shake of his head answered his own unspoken question as he took his place across the table from Saxton.

The hiss was audible, and the weight of Saxton’s eyes roaming over Blay’s body caused him to drop his head and whisper a silent prayer to the Scribe Virgin that Qhuinn looked at him like that when they met later.  Clearing his throat, Blay asked, “So what kind of business are you attending to tonight, Saxton?” He tried to be interested in the male’s work, but it really just bored him. Truth be told he would rather be out fighting, or working out or sparring…anything but talking lawyer.

“Hum? Oh yes, I have some property transactions to review with the shadow brothers and a few of the Glymera have requested to speak with me regarding  estate issues,” Saxton said. 


Story Four - Lover Inflamed

Main Characters: Zsadist, Victoria, Qhuinn, Rehvenge, Wrath, Beth, Xcor, Lassiter. 

Summery: "Lives are changed forever, passion, love and anger inflamed. All in a typical week for the Brotherhood"  


She was dying.

Zsadist told her otherwise. But, fuck.. what did he know.

She knew she was dying. Contorting on the bed, fists grabbing on to the sheets as pain lanced inside her every molecule. Hot seering bone crushing pain. Victoria dived down deep inside herself, the world got locked out, the agony all up in her face grabbing the limelight.

Attention hogging little bastard.

Her Z’s words drumming in her ears from earlier, telling her it was going to be okay. She called bullshit. Or she would, when she was propelled into the afterlife, no doubt screaming her lungs out as she bounced into the holy pearly gates. St.Peter would feel her fury. She knew it.  ShitShiiiiiit it hurt so bad. She foraged for his hand, knew he was there. Warm fingers grasped around hers, squeezed. While she fought the blackness willing her to fall under its spell.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was a human. Not a vampire. And certainly not a transitioning vampire. The inner vice grip on her heart would beg to differ.

She’d woken that morning. Lethargic, cold, clammy and with the killer of all headaches. Flu she’d told her male. And he’d got all kinds of still and that look in his hooded eyes that told her shit was about to go down. And then in his deep timber voice he’d explained she was becoming one of his kind. For twenty five years the Brotherhood had watched over her. Waiting. Standing by a death bed promise to a former family doggen to help her through this transition.

And he was telling her this now. NOW! Her cry crawled up her throat and almost broke her in two.

She’d have words with her hellren. Big. fucking. words.

After she got through dying that is.


"Fuck. Me. Hard"

The day Z had long dreaded was here. He’d fought the thoughts of what he knew was to come. Dear Virgin, his female in full blown transition.

A mask of worry and torture twisted Zsadist’s features. He was a bonded male. She was his world. She made the earth spin on its axis and even though it made him a fucking nancy, Z knew he didn’t want to breathe without her. If he could stop it he would..

Stop the gnawing hunger that would claw through her dessicated veins..saying a low rushed prayer in the Old Language. He would see her through this…or die in the attempt..

She was his female. She belonged to him in all the ways that counted. Z had vowed to the Scribe Virgin and every other fucking deity under sun and sky that he would protect her. She would live through this. The alternative was unthinkable..


Along the hall of statues, locked in the King’s study, Wrath had his head buried in Beth’s neck drinking in her soft scent and anxious waves emanating from her skin, fangs dragging slowly across her vein, her purrs ringing out. Both of them remembering her own transition several years ago.

"Z’s female will make it through, my leelan" He said it to assuage the smell of Beth’s worry. He didn’t need sight to know it was all over her lovely face. He got his hands nicely busy, palmed her ass and pulled her down onto his lap.

She laughed but wriggled herself comfortable and hid her fingers in his ink black mane of hair. “Wrath! We have work to finish”

His smirk was all leer. “I got something you can work on, Leelan” The bulge he raised with his hips pressing between her legs met with his growl.

And hell if Beth didn’t get right to work grinding down over his leathers.  The scrolls would wait. Many hours.


Up in his penthouse in the Commodore…the air thick and cloying around Rehvenge..

Stroking thick fingers over the edge of the cane, as if stroking her…

He had watched her nipples peak and harden underneath the thin fabric of her uniform…indecent, raw, lingering thoughts of the encounter with the unnamed female ran through Rehv’s frontal lobe like a movie. Fangs digging into the tender skin of his lip, tendrils of erotic sweat ran over his skin…

He’d let the dopamine fog lift…Rehv’s bad side relished in it….something stirred down below…

He allowed it..

Allowed himself to feel…


Celibacy didn’t look good on Qhuinn. He was gaunt, drawn. He looked like he’d been put through the ringer, lost a fight to 3 lessers with their old granny perfume and came out the other side with a hangover and a headache the size of Texas.

The Herradura was permastuck to Qhuinn’s hand. Jacking up the waistband of his leathers and taking a swig, once, twice and a third time for the road. He’d decided enough was enough.

Blay was having his fun with Saxton the wonder slut.

It was high time Qhuinn had his. He would find a female with waist length red hair and lips he wanted to see wrapped around his cock..sucking until he screamed.

Fuck it. Maybe a male too for good measure. With one last look in the mirror he made his shitkickers move..

Out of the room…out of the mansion and into the night.


Weeks, months, centuries. The pain eased And Victoria’s brain came back online in a jumbled rush. Too loud. Something was too loud. She scrunched her face grimacing listening to the numatic whirling of the AC. She didn’t dare move. The bed beneath her felt hard and warm. Skin warm. She peeled open an eye and… HOLY SHIT. Her blurred world before she pushed on her glasses suddenly bloomed in HD living color.

She decided one thing right in that second of being alive again. Heaven oddly looked like their mated bedroom. Smelled like it too.  Her second eye joined the game and opened..

And she realized she was laid out on Zsadist. She’d made it through? or dragged him along for the heavenly ride. Her skin hurt, tight and sensitive, as If it had been stretched, but she still nuzzled his chest, so happy to see him, yet avoiding looking down at herself. She was afraid she’d see some giant vampire body. She’d seen how the pre-trans had gone through their transitions and how huge they came out at the other end. Oh god. She was gonna have to wear size 14 shoes.

"Nallum.." Throat dry and raw "Am I gigantuous?" She hissed her S’s. What the… Her tongue poked around her mouth and found pointy teeth. Woaaaaah. She’d got herself a set of fangs. Fangs!


What was a bastard to do when all enemies lay dead at his feet and his lady scythe wanted more action. Xcor, scrubbed at his ugly mug and re-sheathed his weapon onto his back, stepping through the sludge of lesser blood and came up against a million watt bright light that blinded him. Fucking hell in the fade. His hand foraged for the scythe ready to take on whatever was approaching down the alleyway on Tenth. And found the one thing he relied on. The only thing he relied on, taken from him as easy as if he’d handed it over docilely.

Xcor’s growl was all menace. All dark.

The light dimmed and he focused on the male in front of him. Metal adourning his face and hair the color of night and the sun all mixed together.

Cocksucker was holding his lady scythe, twirling it like a baton. He would die this night.

Mayhap he’d slice him slowly first.

"Not fond of the dying, big man, It’d cut into my O time, and today is Tuesday, who’s your baby daddy day on Maury" He spoke, and a shit eating grin spread on Lassiters face. "We need to talk….Seems you’re my next good deed of the century.."


Rehvenge’s vision went to blood red.  He shuddered underneath the sable….not from cold. He was hard.

He was hard as steel. Thick, and more than ready. The lingering thoughts had him envisioning the female’s legs over his shoulders….Her scent was exquisite….Her skin was soft as the finest silk and the color of alabaster.

A soft, low growl came up Rehv’s throat. Lips trembling with need and the flush of erotic anticipation….Fingers touching his lips to steady the shaking before the phone rang..

FUCK. It was his second in command. Rehv was due at the club. Tonight was the night he went over the books…collected on unpaid debts…..palming his cane and standing up slowly allowing himself one last thought of those eyes…the color of toffee, before dematerializing.


Z’s head spun. He could feel the rotation of the earth. His female had fed….and fed again…then fucking fed again for good measure. Zsadist’s neck was savaged, chewed raw but he had the grin of a male who’d been put to good use.

Voice thick with gravel. “You are beautiful and perfectly proportioned nalla. You made it. I love you”

Drawing on some nylon pants and pulling himself vertical. “You need food, beautiful. I will feed you well” The thought made a low rumbled growl leave his throat. She was alive. Eternity stretched in front of them. The promise of tomorrow was a reality.


His lips were raw and bruised from overuse. Qhuinn had found what he was looking for and then some. The female’s hair was auburn and fell well past the curve of her luscious ass. He’d pulled it, had it wrapped around his cock and lost himself in her completely. The small private room where the Reverend allowed them to conduct their private biz was heady with the scent of sex and blood.

The male was on his knees working Qhuinn. He watched his mouth as he took him in from base to tip. His lips and tongue were made for sin. The female was not to be outdone. Her hand had slipped low and disappeared underneath her mini skirt. Her moans told the story. She opened her mouth and came closer. Her tongue and lips found Qhuinn’s…It seems they weren’t done.

Round 3..


"What say we grab some food, big man. You don’t look like a Golden Arches kinda guy" The male in front of Xcor was begging for his spinal cord to be ripped from his body. Fangs bared, lethal spikes as he stalked forward, boots hitting the puddles of rain gathered on the ground.

"KFC. Definitely a KFC guy" Lassiter slapped Xcor on the back, grinning the fool grin once more and handed over the scythe even before the bastard leader could grab onto his throat and tear it out.

"I am your death. Not a KFC male.  Whatever that may be" And what happened next, Xcor had no notion of how or why. His stance for the fight dropped, he re-sheathed his weapon and let the male direct him down the alleyway and onto Tenth. As if a balloon had rendered all its air, Xcor’s anger drained from him.

"That’s right. See, doesn’t that feel better" Lassiter’s swagger was all self assured, like he didn’t have a care in the world about who he was facing or the mortal peril he was putting himself in. No. The angel had his shit handled just right.

He’d earn himself a motherfucking halo for this gig.


Her breath whooshed out and she let her eyes scan down herself, relieved to see the same body she’d had this morning.  Her senses were heightened. Damn, so heightened, she leaned forward and took a deep sniff of his scent.

Food. Food. She couldn’t think of eating food when her male smelled so good. And then she saw his inked throat and cursed aloud with her slight lisp again. She’d fed from him. With her fangs.

A wave of heat crawled up her neck to her face, fingertips touching all those bite wounds softly. She should say sorry.

The blaze of his Citrine eyes looking at her, watching her touch him, told her he’d want no apology. Oh yeah, her male had liked that. Victoria licked her dry lips and tasted him there. She met his mouth, kissing up over his scarred face.

"God. I love you, Nallum. Thank you for helping me. " She moved gingerly across the bed to swing legs to the floor. She needed to see the spiked puppies in her mouth.


Rehvenge sent out mental feelers over the swaying bodies on the dance floor. Some were foggy with the haze of ecstasy. Their teeth chattering, skin tingling and hyper sensitive.

He fed on all the array of sins, a veritable mental feast. His own skin tingled. He let the bad side overcome him this fine evening. The thoughts of the female made Rehv quite unstable. He feared for the one he chose to sate the wild desires this night. A pair of blue eyes met his own. Rehv’s hand stroked the head of the cane…simulating, pretending as he motioned to one of the highly trained staff to send over a double shot of Patron to his new friend. He feared they would become more than well acquainted before dawn.


Stumbling in, shitkickers stomping over the multicolored mosaic. Qhuinn had allowed himself the freedom of indulging every sexual whim. He was him again. A huge satisfied grin was on his face as he sensed a familiar presence…

"well fuck me sideways…. What’s doing, cousin?"

Saxton the great was GQ smooth as ever. His voice was like a cold drink of water on a Summer’s day which naturally made Qhuinn want to connect his fist to that perfect face and wipe the smug sarcastic grin off it.

"You are looking well this evening, cousin"

Qhuinn couldn’t help it. The corner of his lip lifted up in a sneer even as he fought to keep a neutral expression on his face and his fist curled, nodding slowly and turning to jog the fuck out of there before he commited a crime of passion. Nothing had changed. No matter what depraved, lascivious acts his body had performed tonight.

He still loved Blay. Motherfuck….

Qhuinn had never thought to question his sexuality. He was a freak of nature and had the mismatched eyes to prove it. He fucked indiscriminately. He was an equal opportunity lover. And simply unleashed his energy on willing bodies, be they soft curvaceous females or hard muscled males. It made no difference…

Only one face came to mind at the end of it all…


The look on his female’s face was the stuff of the heavens. Motherfuckers should write poems and sonnets about her and shit. If Z thought she was beautiful before….now she was a Goddamn bombshell right off the Victoria’s Secret catalog. She moved like a cat, all lethal quiet power and those fangs…just looking at them made the thing between his legs hard as a baseball bat..

Maybe the food could fucking wait. Even though the exhaustion was trying to pull him down he was more than ready to serve his female.

Eyes bright Citrine and hooded, raking a hand over his newly shaved skull trim, voice an erotic drawl.

"What say we give your new self a test run, nalla?"

Zsadist would take her while her fangs were buried deep in his neck. He’d feed his Victoria well. Let her take as much as she wanted. They would now sustain each other. The thought made a deep rolling growl surge from Z’s chest as he reached out and ran a finger along the new pearl white canines.


Lassiter, as the band of bastard’s leader now knew him to be called dogged his every step. Yet no one seemed to see him but Xcor. He knew he had the madness then. Aye. He’d seen it many times in the Old Country. He couldn’t let his soliders suspect. Show no weakness. The Bloodletter if nothing else taught him that.

The days passed and the glowing male followed wherever Xcor went. Out in the battlefield slaughtering thine enemy. Fucking and feeding with Throe.

Anger bled in hot rivets inside Xcor. Wanting to shred the male, to be rid of the shadow he had picked up and didn’t know why. Salvation. Redemption. Pah. He wanted no such things from him. He would palm his blade, or use bare hands to kill him.

But the moment of approach, the desire for the kill, for the blood to run paving the floor in crimson and staining his hands evaporated and Lassiter’s grin would widen all the more.

Pissing Xcor off.

"We gotta get a tv" Lassiters feet were up on the table across the room from his new charge, he played idly with his brow piercing. "I’m missing all my shows, dude! Fuck. I don’t even know Oprah’s book read for this month!"

Xcor looked on, his face drawn into that perminent scowl of ugliness, his deformed lip sneered wishing the crazy apparition would leave. He had work to do. Wrath was still on the throne.

He had no time for Plasma’s or Jersey shore or any other madness the male spewed out with. He had a fucking King to kill and a throne to make his own.

He watched Lassiter’s eyes get real serious. All of his animated talking ceased as if he’d been inside the warrior’s head and disagreed. Finally something that worked in his favor. Xcor smirked, sat back against the wall and began decapitating the blind king in his mind.


Wrath prowled around their mated chambers. His mood as dark as his vision. Naked save for the black wraparounds masking the pale green of his blind eyes. That cocksucking angel’s betrayal cozying up to the bastards made the blood in his veins boil over. The temperature dropped around him mulling over the intel he’d gotten from Rehvenge. He had no reason to mistrust what the reverend had seen. He was trustworthy…. As far as a symphath could be trusted.

The King of the vampires turned his head towards the weapons closet he still kept, comtemplating strapping on daggers and his stars, hunting down the POS angel he’d let into their home and ripping the tongue from his head.

He didn’t need eyes to sniff out the glowing traitor.

George whined down at his feet as if telling him it was a motherfucking bad idea as Wrath took a step towards where the weaponery was housed..

When a boulder of flamed heat curled up his legs, thick cloying heat making him stumble, his dick punched out from his hips, hardened thick and long hitting his abs and his hearing picked up the sound of distress coming from the bathroom “LEELAN!”

The urgency in his steps grew, crashing open the door, the splinter of wood all too apparent, the smell of Beth’s emotions drowning him. Arousal growing, his fangs rushed down into his mouth dragging his lower lip, the look of sheer desire and fear etched on the King’s face. His shellan’s needing time had come.


"Hurts, Wrath.."

"Shh my leelan. Got you, feel me?" He lifted her right from the tub dripping and rigid in his arms with the pain, his dick got in on the action and throbbed wanting to ease his female. With a growl that boiled up from his chest, Wrath, son of Wrath mated hellren to Beth daughter of Darius, laid his female upon their mated bed, pinning her under him and knew what was to be done. What had to be done to ease the suffering writhing through his shellan. A cold sweat rolled down Wrath’s spine, fangs biting into his lip until he tasted the metallic of his own blood. The fear of siring a young who could take Beth from him in childbirth was something he couldn’t focus on right now. His leelan was the beating in his chest, She was the end and beginning of everything for him.

He palmed his length, grunted and shoved up inside Beth.

His roar rang clear out around the mansion.


Elsewhere in the Brotherhood mansion, the wave of the needing took a hold of anyone in his path. Doors slammed, groans and grunts of the males could be heard, whimpers of their females easing what they knew would take hours and hours to sate..

And their ever faithful doggen Fritz Perlmutter scurried down to his kitchen happy as a clam, ever eager to do his duty for the household.

At this moment Wrath son of Wrath’s destiny was in his hands. The future was now. That fickle bitch destiny and her boyfriend fate had come knocking…claws out. Would he play or would he run? Only he knew…  

The End….so far. 


Story Three - The Valentine’s Gift


SUMMERY: Blay and Lizzy have been long awaiting the birth of their precious young, a female who would surely be the apple of her mami’s and daddy’s eye. Although he was supposed to be spending the human holiday on patrol with his brothers, Blay was spending the last seconds of daylight in bed with his shellan when he realizes that his female is in labor, the young is coming and fast. The sight of the blood soaking Lizzy’s gown sets things in motion to bring their princess into the world, hopefully alive and well.


BLAY:  -Blay could tell that the time for their young to be born was drawing ever nearer.  His female, his Lizzy, had begun complaining of feeling like a whale several weeks before and as hard as he tried to convince her otherwise she wouldn’t believe him. Truth be told her beautiful rounded belly was already larger that he would have ever expected of her tiny frame. Waking in the middle of the day he blinked at the clock, shaking his head at the ungodly hour 6:30pm. The flaming ball of gas was still alive and well in the sky and he could grab a couple more hours sleep before duty called and he would have to leave his pregnant shellan alone in their house for the night. It was Valentine’s Day, or night, and he wanted nothing more than to spend the entire night waiting on his Lizzy, and feeding her from his hand until she was so full she couldn’t eat another bite, then massaging and pampering her like the princess she had always been in his eyes. With a groan of dread Blay rolled over in bed, his hand sliding over the precious bump where his young resided, when he felt her muscles contract, her breathing hitch in her throat, his heart began to pound..- Lizzy, baby? –he whispered close to her ear- Baby, are you alright? –her responding moan of pain froze him dead. He reached across her body silently reaching for his phone and sent a text to Qhuinn ‘fuck man I think it’s time’ was all it said. He knew that his best friend would understand and contact the brotherhood to let them know Blay wouldn’t be reporting for duty tonight.-

LIZZY: *Lizzy could hear her male calling out to her, slowly turning her head looking into those kind blue eyes* Baby its time *griping the sheets taking deep breaths- Fucking hell -grabbing Blays shoulder pulling him close* Move it and get me to the hospital NOW *Trying to roll over and get of the bed, screaming feeling another contraction* Blay i swear to god i am Going to beat you, Help me up.

BLAY: -His eyes went wide as his precious female threatened to kill him- Baby? You don’t sound okay. -her answering scream had him up and off the bed like someone had put a dagger to her throat. Sinking to his knees in front of her he looked up into her eyes, all he saw was the relief that washed over her as the contraction subsided- fuck, they seem to be coming fast. -Lizzy answered him with a ‘no shit Sherlock’ look as he took his full height, hooking his arms beneath hers to help her up. Just as her legs took her weight he felt a gush of warm fluid wash over his bare feet. He was about to make a joke about her not being able to control her bladder when he stepped back, holding her hands, to look between them at the floor. Fuck if it didn’t take an act of the Scribe Virgin herself to keep him upright when he saw the bright red streaks running down her legs.- god dammit! Lizzy baby, this is not okay. -Blay’s mind was awash with all the things that could go wrong, including, but not limited to his beloved wife and shellan entering the fade along with their young.- Lie back down baby, I will call Jane…-his words were cut off by the stabbing pain of her nails digging into his forearms as another contraction wracked her tiny body, bringing with it more trickles of blood. The moment he felt her starting to relax he helped her back into bed, and grabbed his phone, quickly punching in the number for Jane as he rushed to the bathroom to get a damp towel to clean his female up with.- I swear Jane -he started as he heard Vishous’ female answer her phone, breathing hard, her voice holding a slight tremble.- “Blaylock, is there a problem?” -He could hear V grumbling in the background something about fucking house calls and timing before he could answer- Yes, Jane, a catastrophic problem. -his heart thundered in his chest as he described the contractions and the gush of fluid, sucking a hard breath before finishing with the blood that stained the legs of the woman who was his entire world.- “I will be right there Blay. Do not attempt to move her, do you hear me?” Yes, Jane. I have her back in our bed. “Good, just don’t leave her.” -at that Blay laughed out loud- You couldn’t pry me away from her with a crow bar. -Tossing his phone to the bed Blay grabbed more towels from the bathroom and cleaned the mess from the floor, he didn’t want Lizzy to see the amount of blood there and freak out- It will all be okay Peanut, Jane is on her way.

LIZZY: -lizzy looked around the room dazed, screaming out as another contraction hit her, hand searching for her male- BLAY -tears streaming down her face- Something is wrong, I can feel it -meeting his eyes knowing he was about to freak out, Gripping his hand digging her nails into his skin- Baby promise me you will save her ok? Please promise me that. -looking down her gown soaked in blood, the pain getting worse by the minute, she new she had to hold on for her baby, she would not give up until her precious princess was out and in her father’s arms-

BLAY: -Fuck how was he supposed to answer that, if she went unto the fade and their young made it would he be able to look at the child? Would he blame her for her mahmen’s passing? Blay had to clear his damn head, if he continued to think like this he would drive himself crazy. Taking a deep cleansing breath he focused on his female’s eyes- I promise. –that was all he could get out past the lump in his throat. Standing he covered her with the sheet, not wanting her to see any more of the blood that was already causing her distress then proceeded to wear a path in their bedroom floor. Back and forth he paced, rushing to her side every time she squeaked, afraid it was another contraction, which it often was. Finally he heard a knock at the door, not wanting to leave his laboring female he willed the door open and yelled to Jane that they were upstairs. Lizzy forced a weak smile as Jane entered the room and Blay moved to the other side of the bed, sliding in behind his mate as Jane uncovered her. “Lizzy, sweetie, tell me what is going on here” the ghostly female said uncovering her patient’s lower half and resting on the bottom of the bed.-

LIZZY: -Lizzy felt like her inside’s where on fire, slowly trying to tell Jane how she felt head falling back with every breath she took- I think there is something wrong she moved really fast and just stopped -tears running down her face- Please save my baby -looking Blay in the eyes- you have to keep the promise baby please. -Lizzy grabbed her stomach closing her eyes threw the pain, she whispered to her baby girl- you will live no matter what my little princess….- Taking a deep breath- Jane just do it take her out NOW.

BLAY: -Jane spoke calmly to Lizzy as her hand disappear beneath her patient’s blood stained gown. The look on her face was grim as Lizzy tried to explain what had transpired. “deep breaths, Lizzy. Remember to take deep breaths.” The doctors eyes shot to Blays, “call V to come in and bring the rest of my supplies, I had a feeling that we would be doing this here.” she looked between the two of them as she spoke, “we will be delivering the baby here..” Blay’s arms banded tight around Lizzy, Silently reassuring her that everything would be alright. “there is a lip on your cervix, and you arent yet fully dilated. Oh thank you V” she smiled to her mate as he entered the room, handing her a big bag. She dug around it for a second before bringing out what looked to be a listening device of some kind. “this is a Doppler, I will use it to listen to the baby’s heart rate. This will be cold” she muttered as she smeared some blue goo on lizzy’s stomach. Blay felt her bristle against his chest and ran his arms calmingly up and down her arms, whispering close to her ear- it will all be okay baby, Jane is here. -relief flooded the room as the soft wooshing sounds of their little miracle’s heart filled the air, cutting the tension in the room. Lizzy twisted in his arms to press a kiss to his lips and the baby’s heart rate dropped, slowing so much that Blay began to panic.- Jane! Whats wrong? What’s going on? -the good doctor couldn’t hide her alarm when she said, ” Lizzy, sweetie, it’s time to get that baby out of you, now. I need you to push.”

LIZZY: *Lizzy looked around the room at each one of there worried looks, What was wrong with her baby? She gripped Blay’s hand tight looking for some kind of comfort , She knew this could not be easy for him, Both his girls could lose there lifes and he would be crushed, Taking a Deep breath She pushed, She was not going to leave him alone Either both of then would live or she was not going to stop fighting until her baby girl made it out safe to her daddy, Jane kept scream her to push, She spat back* fucking Hell i am pushing Dam you *She felt so weak But she would not give up*

BLAY:   -hands held tight to his females he coached her through her breathing exercises, and between breaths he whispered prayers to the scribe virgin in her ear along with words of comfort and encouragement.- Peanut, we can do this together, don’t give up on me, don’t you dare give up. -Jane barked orders to Vishous which he followed without question, if he hadn’t been on the verge of losing the two most important people in his life Blay might have found this amusing, but instead he was grateful for it. One more contraction and an ear piercing scream from his female had Jane yelling “Good job Lizzy, now stop pushing for a second.” From where Blay sat he could see that his young’s head was out and her skin was a pale blue color, his eyes were locked on what was doing as Jane unwrapped the umbilical cord from her neck- Baby! She is beautiful! -just then his Lizzy was given the command to push once more and brought their perfect baby girl into the world, tears flowed from both parents and doctor alike as the wailing young made her presence known. 

LIZZY: -Tears flowing down her face she reached out for her little princess- I want to hold her -laying back against blays chest, looking up at his proud look when he sees her for the first time- she’s ours baby - looking down into the baby blue eyes of her  daughter, she looked so much like her father,such joy she brought in there lifes-

BLAY: -Blay had planned to cut the umbilical cord, but once his female had their princess in her arms and they were both nestled tightly in his he couldn’t have moved if his life had depended on it. He looked down at the young, her blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at them, her hair already trying to curl reminded him of her mahmen’s. She was perfect. Doc Jane stepped silently to the side of the bed, laying the young to Lizzy’s chest as she did a quick APGAR exam and declared that she was a very healthy little one. Next she looked to Lizzy and Blay thought he was in for bad news “it looks as if the bleeding was only caused by nothing more than the baby’s head pressing against the cervical lip. You are both stable and healthy now.” she reached up and brushed a finger, almost longingly down the precious little cheek before she and V turned to pack up their things. “She will need a bath, but that can wait until after she has had her first meal.” we all chuckled lightly at the comment and as quickly as they had come the doctor and her mate were gone.- Peanut, you did such an amazing job! I am so fucking proud of you.-Blay’s head bent to kiss his female with all the love and admiration in his heart, his hand resting beneath the head of the product of that love. Before they had taken off Jane had measured and weighed the little  one and recorded the name they had chosen for her. He still wasn’t sure what those vital statistics had been as he was too busy keeping a damn close eye on the other male in the room, making sure he hadn’t looked wrong at his female. At that moment Blay wouldn’t have cared if it had been the king himself in the room with them, he would have ripped the throat out of any male who dared get too close. –

LIZZY: -she could not stop smiling,looking down at her precious angel, she was the sweetest baby she had ever seen- baby she’s so beautiful - her 8 pound rosey cheek baby- welcome to the world Makayla Valentine.


Story Two - Vengeful Past

Main Characters: Victoria “Victory” Jones, the Brothers and Xhex, Beth Randall

Short Summry: Victory Jones hates him with a passioneven though her mother loved him and he is her father. He was the main cause to her mothers death and she sets out to kill him, but during her quest she is offered the family she always wanted. Will she let hate over take her or will she embrase the chance of a new life. 


My name is Victoria Jones but ever since my mother died five years ago I go by the name Victory. My mother always said being alive to see another day was a victory in itself. My mother was killed by my father whom I have never met, and not until after my mother’s death did I ever know the truth of what he did or of what he was. My father is a vampire, a damn leach, but he also is a member OF BLACK dagger brotherhood, warriors fighting for their race existence. After my mother died I made it my mission to find the cause of her death and take him from those who loved him just as he had taken what I loved from me. The hate I felt for him was the one thing that kept me from crumble up and die. I had not cried since my mum’s funeral and until he was dead I was not letting myself feel that pain. I was alone, I had no one for a short while I had my uncle who had died in a car accident two years earlier. Eddie took me in when mum died and tried to do all those things she had done, but he was never her, however, never told him that though. I loved him for loving me and doing what he could to make me happy. One morning on his way to work A drunk driver ran a red light my uncle who always rode his bike to work didn’t stand a chance, he died immediately.

Tailing my father was no hard job, if you knew who you were looking for; he was in no way a small or ordinary. I had followed him here many times, it was one of the brothers favorite places to hang and through a few back. This very evening Zero Sum was crowded both with humans and leaches so I had to push my way through the crowd to get to the bar and that made me lose focus on my target for a second or two, which just pissed me off.

“God damn hoes” it came out more of a shout then the mumble I intended it to be, and of course some long-legged bimbo had to overhear.

“Excuse me, what did you call me!?”

I stopped, rolled my eyes and let out a breath and turned back around. I looked straight at the leggy blond, all covered in leather and an annoyed look on her face, this one was not letting this one go.

“I said what did you just call me you ugly bitch!” I smiled my best smile to say something nice to get her off my back but then came the shove and the smile turned in to a grin and the blond bimbo in a headlock.

“You know legs you might have looks over me but I can make you look like a stupid shit without even trying and hurt you like you never hurt. So I suggest you turn around, keep dancing and leave me the fuck alone! Deal?

The commotion caused by my collision with Blondie made the crowd opened up and some were standing staring, smiling and expecting the normal cat fight that usually happens when two women get into it. Hell no, that was so not happening! I needed to get the attention off and get back to why I was here. The blond had no were to go, her head was looked under my arm, I had one of my legs between hers and she was no fighter so she had nowhere to go. However, she was still trying to squirm her way free and hissing charming words like “fucking bitch” every chance she got.

“I said do we have a deal?” She nodded slightly and I started to let go putting some space between us before releasing her completely. The minute she was completely free she started shouting and picking a fight. Dumb ass bitch!

“Do we have a problem here?” I whirled around and there stood a woman just as tall as me, in tight, black leather pants and black mussel shirt and with lean muscle everywhere.

“I am Xhex and security here do we have a problem?” she looked first at the blond and then at me with a piercing look.

“No not at all we just had a misunderstanding that is all” I said putting my sweet girl face on, knowing just how well that worked. I had a sweet and innocent face, just looking at me you would think I was the girl-next-door; those traits was all from my mother. Inside I was all daddies’ girl or so I assumed since my mother never had a bad bone in her body.

I shook my head realizing I had not been paying attention and look at Xhex, and put my smile back on. She looks at me with that disbelief that she did not quite believe me but did not really have any proof I was lying either. The blond bimbo did the first thing right in her life by just shutting the fuck up.

“Well I say this dance party is over and you two will go chill out and not be in each other faces more tonight, is that clear?” Xhex said looking back and forth between me and Blondie.

“Crystal!” I took the opportunity to get out there and getting the attention off. I started to walk towards the bar when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I knew who it was before I turned around to look at her.

“I am watching you, I do not know what you are up to; but any shit coming from your direction and your ass is mine and I won’t be nice to iT” the way she spoke you would think she was suggesting we should go for ice cream but the message was all too clear, so I just nodded once, she let go of me and walked off. When I scanned the nearby area I met Blondie eyes and she was laughing so hard she almost fell over. I flipped her off and that made her loose her smile and me to gain mine.

I sat down at the end of the bar and order a beer, I hated the taste of it but if I had to drink something with alcohol this was the best choice of several evil ones. I looked across the bar and still saw the brothers sitting in their vip booth unaware of what just had happened. There were six of them there, the mute one named John Matthew, the gay one named Blaylock and smooth-talker Qhuinn. He was known for his many women and for his fuck-and-drop them mentality.  I could not see the faces of the other three men I only knew the back of the head of the one who was my father.

They were all way over six feet and pure mussel, they were the warriors of their kind, at least that is what I have been told. What they were after or what was after them depending on how you looked at it was even more twisted and unnatural lessers.

Lessers were humans gone ape shit, killed and turned to something dark and evil; even their blood was black and they smelled like baby powder. Again from what someone had told me. I have never seen a lesser and let alone met one and I am not sure I cared to. Not because they scarred me, I would do to them as I plan on doing to daddy dearest and anyone else who cared to try to stop me; but they sounded fucking disgusting.

That thought made me push my beer to the side, wrinkle my nose at the thought of those lessers. I should get home trying to get some sleep and go over my plan again for a last check of plot holes. But I could not leave before seeing his face, the pull was too strong for me to just let it go. I got up and started around the bar, pushing my way through the crowd. I should be able to walk around their booth and have a good look without either of them noticing me watching. I could just pretend I was heading for the restrooms there was always a line and everyone people watched while waiting in line.

At the end of the bar it turned slightly left and I snuck up hid behind the pillar and took a couple of breaths before I carefully rounded it. Now I could see the three men that had their back to me earlier. The first guy was so handsome it was hard not to let my mouth fall open and just slobber all over myself, the other one wore a baseball hat so I could not see very much of his actual face and the third one was my father.

My eyes went to look at him and when my eyes hit his face he was looking right at me! shit! I trashed around the pillar hiding, my heart pounding so hard I heard the drumming in my ears! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He was observing me while I was, yes what gauging the fucking blond! God I hated blonds! I hit my fist against the pillar cursing myself for being so fucking stupid. Shit! I got to get out of here and hopefully he just think of me as some silly girl wanting a good look at the movie star  friend of his. Shit!

I continued to curse my dumb ass, but how could he have know? considering the amount of people in the club he should not have noticed or even cared but that black piercing look he had given me told me he knew I was up to something. Xhex must have told him about Blondie and me, but why would he care about two women fight in a bar! Shit! I found the back door leading out to the back ally. I pushed the door open with one hand while looking over my shoulder to make sure I was not being followed and slammed right into someone. double fuck!

“You again! You know this is employees only, you could use the main doors available for guest instead of sneaking around in restricted areas” she looked behind me to see if anyone was coming then shut the door “What has you running so fast little girl?” she took a step closer like she was trying to read me, inching her face closer to mine and starring right into me. I kept my place and stared back.

“I am not scared just got a bit too crowded for me, I had to get out and this was the quickest way” I shrugged my shoulders like it was not a big deal.

“Do I look stupid to you? I must since you keep feeding me all this shit. I know you are up to something, this is not the first time you are here watching the brothers; this little innocent girl act you got going on is fooling no one” her face was still very close to mine her eyes looking for the smallest sign that anything she said was true,  so could not let anything show.

 But fuck me I was screwed. “I don’t know what to tell you, I was mainly sitting at the bar drinking a beer and watching the crowd and they are good looking guys so how can you blame a girl for looking” I smiled trying to relax the situation and myself.

“Little girl you are starting to piss me off!” she was hovering now, if this was not going to go more south then it all ready had I needed to get her off my back.

“Look Miss Xhex you don’t look stupid at all, I am sorry for any trouble I may have caused I meant no disrespect” I said this with the most innocent face I could manage, trying to get her to believe I was just some other kid out causing trouble for  my parents.

“Oh, I bet you are! But I am tired of this shit and you are going back in with me. One way or another little girl you are going to tell me what’s up!” she grabbed me by the arm and more or less drag me back inside and since she was not expecting me to fight back it did not take as much force as I had thought to get my arm free from her old or to make a back flip so I landed just a few arm lengths from her. But she was quick and was after me faster than I could say go. I raced down the alley and was almost at the sidewalk when two very tall shadows crossed my escape route. I stopped right in my tracks and that is when Xhex caught up with me. “It’s over now little girl” she did not even bother to take a hold of me, she knew there was nowhere for me to go.

 This was it I was screwed even before I got the chance on him. The two shadows started to walk towards us and when they stood right next to me I could see it was the man in the baseball hat and my father. He just stood there staring at me and me at him. I should have been scared but I was too damn angry to be scared. I hated the motherfucker so much every muscle in my body was shaking and without warning I attacked and the fact that I did stunned everyone and that made me get a few good ones in before he reacted. I went for the most vulnerable place, his crouch kneeing him and he went down on his knees holding his balls, grunting in pain. I took that opening to shove my knee up in his face and cracked his nose and that is all I had time for before the man in the baseball hat lifted me away. I was still kicking and screaming.

“Let me go you fucking leach! I am going to kill you, you piece of god damn shit! Your ass is mine and mine alone and I swear I will kill you!”

I slammed my head back and hit the baseball guy on the mouth hard enough for him to stumble and let one of his arms go.

I bit him hard on the arm forcing him to let go all together. Like a bullet I was back on my father who with some help from Xhex had pulled himself up and at this point baseball guy had recovered and was coming for me again.

“Jesus! you are a feisty little girl aren’t you!” he took a hold of me holding me against his body on hand around both my arms and one hand over my forehead so I could not move.

“Call me little girl again and I will kill you to just for shits! Let me go!” I said twisting and turning trying to get free any way I could.

“Yes like that is going to happen any time soon, why don’t you just try to relax so we can work all of this out” his grip tightening on me. I could hear the door behind us open and hear male voices. “what’s doin’ you killin’ some lesser without us?” one of the men laughed they all came up and the good looking one said, “Oh but look what do we have here, a little girl and a pretty one of those” and that just about did it for me and I started kicking in his direction killing him with my eyes. “Fuck you ass hole do the world a favor and stab yourself in the eye!” that made him put his head back and roar out a laughter that echoed between the walls. “this one’s a riot what are we doing with it” he turned to Xhex and my father who up until now been standing to the side quiet.

My father never moved or change his facial expression, he just continued looking at me with those black piercing eyes like he was trying to get me “What the fuck are you looking at ass hole “I said it without blinking and straight to his face. That made him speak to me for the first time “You are brave female but don’t press your luck. You are starting to annoy the shit out of me and soon I’ll just kill you to shut you the fuck up, feel me?” then he turn around and started to walk away. I could not let that happen, the fucker would not get to win this and walk away from me and that is when I pulled out the only weapon I had left.

 “Well getting rid of my mother wasn’t a problem for you so it shouldn’t be too big of deal for you to kill your own daughter! So daddy why don’t you come over here and get to know me a little better maybe we can kiss and make up and go play house!” he stopped and stood perfectly still, you could hear a needle fall, not one word was said. Even Xhex that seemed like she never lost face looked at me like she could not believe what she was hearing.

He turned around slowly and came back to me putting himself so close to me I could feel his breath in my face. “Whatever it is you think you know, you don’t know half of it. Go home finish college make something out of yourself and forget about me if you know what’s good for you” it came out like a hiss and there was almost like fire coming out of his nose.

“V my man, keep it together! she is just trying to get a rise out of you. calm down and back off brother” it was the baseball guy talking he had let my head go to put that hand on my father’s shoulder to keep him abbey “and you” he squeezed the arm he had around me to let me know he was talking to me “need to shut the fuck up and chill or I might just hand you over and let him do whatever, are we clear?!”

I did not answerer instead I just kept on watching my father “Hey female did you hear me?!” I nodded once and kept staring, he had not denied being my father, why? It was John Matthew who eventually broke the silence and asked the big question “what now, what do we do with her now? V is she your daughter, is it even possible?” V did not say anything for a minute but then he turned towards the street and simply said “Yes it’s possible” and went in the direction of the car. They were all left standing with their mouths hanging open after Vishous easy confession, everyone but baseball guy who just seemed to know.

Xhex was the first one to snap out of it “Fuck me, V with a kid who would have figured” that got everyone mumbling about it this was a fucking joke and how was it even possible.

 “What now? what does he want us to do, we can’t stand here all fucking night” I think it was the good looking one who said it  “We’ll bring her back to the mansion and let it all go down there” baseball guy said.

“Are you sure about this Cop, u know how bitchy Wrath gets with strangers inside the mansion”

“Oh I think he’ll make an exception for this one “ I could feel his breath on the side of my face “If I let you go will you do as you are told, please?”

“Well since you said please, I am sure I can oblige” I could hear him let out a low laugh and I was happy my voice came off more cocky then I felt and that it was not giving away my true feelings of confusion. I had been prepared for him to fight, call me names and reject everything I had to say and he had not even once truly dined being my father.

“You never give up do you?” he looked down at me smiling as I turned to meet his eyes, I actually smiled back I just could not help it. His eyes were friendly and I just needed the kindness he was willing to give.

“No, not very often no” my smile turned into a grin and I put my hands on my hips.

“That fact alone has almost convinced me you actually is his, you know….kid” he motioned me to start walking towards the street where I assumed they had their car. Even if I wanted to I had no way of getting away, they were too many and when thinking about it I did not want to go, this was probably my chance to get him alone. We walked to the car and when we got there we were alone, baseball guy and I were the only ones getting in the car.

“So female apparently we are getting to know each other better so we might as well get personal” I looked at him with a look saying you-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me, he laughed a deep laugh “Why don’t you get your head out of the gutter woman, I all ready have a shellan and I don’t fuck young girls”.

“You just hold them down and curse in front of them then?” the grin covering my faces could not get any wider and the bitching look he gave me said I hit bull eye “I guess that’s about it yes, smart ass” he winked “I’m Brian” putting his hand out for me to shake. Shaking his hand made me see how big he actually was my hand looked like a Childs hand in his.

“I’m Victory. Brian huh… I thought all leaches at least had cool names”.

“Well I have many names, Brian was my human name I also go by Butch, Cop, Destroyer take your pick” and then he turned the key and we were off.


 When we entered the mansions doors Destroyer and I everyone from the alley were there waiting for us together with several other people.

The first I saw was a very cute blind dog, and next to the dog stood the most amazing of men I ever seen, forceful just by the way his stood and the do-not-fuck-with-me message came off loud and clear.  Right next to him stood a beautiful woman with long black hair. She was petting a black cat, she smiled and nodded at me when our eyes met.  Then there was a scarred man with a baby in his arms and most likely his wife next to him.

Destroyer left my side and went up to a blond woman with the face of an angel and kissed her deeply it almost made me blush. Next to her was my father with a woman who looked just like him and a blond woman holding his hand. I disliked her instantly, it must be the blond hair thing, and blonds had been nothing but trouble this night. The last guy, dressed in scrubs, had a huge grin on his face apparently enjoying the moment more than anyone else in the room. The sight in front of me almost made me laugh out loud, just because it was so damn funny; it made me realize I was not getting out of this alive and I would most likely fail in my mission of killing the guy who made my mother kill herself. But I would not go out without a fight, if they wanted to kill me they would have to work for it.

“So, whose ass is first?” I put my hands up spreading my legs and making myself ready to fight and jump. No one moved but just kept looking at me, there was a wide grin on Destroyers face and he shook his head but no one else made a sound or a move.

“If killing you was the main purpose you would already be dead female, so you can chill” it was the blind man who spoke. He must be their leader he just looked like the leader typ.

“Fine so what am I doing here, if it’s not for you to kill me then why? I will kill him” pointing at V “the minute I get a chance to so it will be either him or me” I looked at all of them, my grin gone giving them my most serious stare I could manage so there was no misunderstanding.

“Why if what you say is true and his your father would you want kill him?” it was the woman next to V who spoke, they had to be twins considering they looked so much alike “Why, because he killed my mum the one person in the world to me who ever gave a rats ass about me, who loved me like there was no tomorrow and he took that all away from me because he is a cold, heartless, son of a bitch!” I spat out the words the anger had come back to me like a big wave “I hate you! I hate you for forcing her to leave me!” I took a step forward towards him and that was when the blind man spoke.

“Enough!” his voice carried over everything else and everyone went quiet, even me. The blind man came up to me looked at me through dark glasses.

“Tell me female, tell me what story you have been told that have you convinced V here is your father, tell us before your hatred consumes you” he did not come closer he just stood there looking down at me quietly waiting for me to speak.

“She told me about him the same day she killed herself. She said she changed her mind about telling me about him because of my heritage and that I one day might become a vampire” I poured my heart out telling him what she told me about the penthouse, the bondage, and her undying love for a man who couldn’t love her back. “Why Couldn’t you just love her, why?! She was the kindest, sweetest and most wonderful person in the world; how could you not love her!? she let you beat her, bind her, fuck her anywhere anyhow and still that wasn’t enough for you! ” without knowing it I had started to cry tears were falling like a waterfall down my face, I was sobbing so bad I could not speak, my legs would no longer hold me.

I sank to the floor hiding my face in my hands crying my heart out. Five long years of despair, heart ache and missing came out in this one moment and I did not care anymore what happen to him or me.

I was ready to die so I lay down on the hard, cold floor and decided to lay there until death found me. I felt a soft and warm arms came around me lifting my head up and put it back down in someone’s lap. When I looked up I saw the black haired woman looking down at me. She did not say anything just smiled a little and started to stroke my hair gently telling me everything was going to be ok.  Her kindness made me start crying all over again.

“Maybe you all should leave us for a moment, nallum” her voice was soft but firm.

“You all heard her, out!” the hall went quiet after everyone left and After a few minutes my crying went over to more quiet sobs and I tried to sit up and she help me up whipping my tears from my face.

“Feel better now? I always feel better after a good cry. It gets the edge of don’t you think?” she smiled at me and putting my hair behind my ears. I could only nod. I looked over at the blind man who was now sitting next to her on the floor his long hair falling over his shoulder.

“He is not as bad as he looks, none of them are” she winked at me taking her his hand.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I don’t deserve it or understand it” I looked down at the floor, feeling a little embarrassed by my outburst and lack of control.

“Actually you do deserve it, life has not treated you well. You are very much like him you know; fearless, strong, smart” he smiled “Oh, I’m Wrath by the way. Maybe we could get off the floor Leelan” he stood up and offer her his hand, she took it and stood up holding out her hand to me. I looked at her face and she smiled “Come lets go to last meal you must be hungry”. I took her hand and she pulled me up “How do you know that I am just like him?” “Well it’s very obvious for us who know him and because he told me” that got me thinking, what did he mean by he had told him. We were almost at the dining room door when Vishous appeared. All I could do was to look at him thinking of what Wrath had said about me being like him and if it was so.

“I” he cleared his throat and began again “I remember your mother she was the most beautiful woman I ever met. I promise you I never forced her to do anything she didn’t wanted to do. When I realized what she wanted and I knew I couldn’t give her any of it. I hurt her to make her leave and I hurt her enough so she wouldn’t think to come back. I had no I idea she was pregnant how could I, I am not suppose to be able to give life. It was not until about five years ago when I started seeing her and you in my dreams that I found out about you” he paused look at me making sure I heard all he said letting me taking it in. “five years ago that is when she died” I mumbled.

“I knew you were coming and I have tried to keep you away, for both of you. but I guess there is enough of my blood in your veins to make you enough like me to make me realize that you don’t change your mind once it’s made up” as he said that last part his mouth made at twitch that looked very much like a smile but it was gone before I had the chance to analyze it. “I am sorry your mother killed herself and that I was the reason for her doing it, on my honor I never meant to break her like that; I thought I was doin’ her a favor giving her a fair chance to find someone to make her happy” he looked sincere and honest in his words, I wanted to doubt him, continue to hate him and kill him.

I looked at the woman next to me holding my hand and the man next to her I did not feel like hating anymore but to belong. But could I trust my emotions after hating for so many years. The thought stuck in my head and made me frown, what if this was a trick; things were going to smooth to easy. It made me want to bolt for the door and run until I was far, far away from the mansion and the people inside it.

I looked up into their faces looking for signs of disbelief, untruth or wrong doing, but I could not find anything but warmth and care from either.

“Don’t disbelieve Victory, trust what’s in your heart and all else will come at its own” my head snapped around to stare at my father’s face

“how did you know my name?” I whispered

“As I said I have dreamt of you, that is how I know your name Victoria” again I could just look at him how was this possible it was like he was reading my mind

“you can see mine too if you just open up to the idea, you are my blood Victory I can hear you as clearly as my own thoughts”

“That is how you knew I was looking at you at the club” he just nodded “So what now?” I looked at them all but locked eyes with Vishous.

“Well I thought maybe you could stick around for a while” he looked down at the floor to keep himself from cracking up from the shocked look on my face “we could hang out, get to know each other, kiss, make up and play house” he had a wide grin on his face at this point and I could not help laughing out loud at his remark and apparently so did Beth and Wrath. Oh what the hell, I released Beth’s hand taking a step forward so I was standing next to him, looking at all the others taking a seat around the massive table for last meal.

“So does this mean I can call you Dad now?” the king let out a laugh trying to cover it up as a cough and mumbling “Oh she’s yours for sure V”. Vishous just flipped him his middle finger and surprised everyone by saying “Sure, why not” grinning down in his glass of scotch. Being predictable was nothing he cared for and this young female was after all half his and in a few years she was going  to go through the change, needing him to help her get through that. Looking at her stepping closer to the dining room table showing no fear for what may, he could admit to himself that he wanted her here and had been waiting a long time for her to come.

“So daddy’o are you gonna stand there are night long or are you gonna join the rest of us” good looking said while sucking hard on his tootsie roll and showing all his whites.

“Hollywood if you want to keep those pearly white I suggest you shut it” but he left his place at the door and sat down next to his shellan.

She looked at all the people sitting around the table, and there were plenty of them how odd of a crowd they were but somehow they all fitted like an odd puzzle. She looked at her dad, she still did not know what to make of him or how to feel about the outcome of her plan. She still felt angry and carried around a lot of resentment; but maybe Vishous was right and if she just did not disbelief everything else would fall into place.

Beth pulled out a chair smiled and made a hand motion for me to sit next to her, so I did feeling safe and at home there; looking across the table I saw  Vishous the mighty warrior all buttered up to his woman. I just shook my head, smile to myself and went for the mashed potatoes.


Story One - Lover Unwritten


Main Characters: Qhuinn and Elisha 

Summary: Qhuinn, retired warrior, feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere. The only thing he’s been good at is fighting for his life. He feels like there is no place for him in Caldwell. No amount of sex or fighting alongside with the brotherhood has helped him fill the void he feels inside. When he meets PDX in the back of a club he never thinks he’ll see her again, not that he gave her even a second thought but when he runs into her and her friends on an island he begins to feel something he’s never felt before. Will this woman be what can make him feel like he’s truly wanted? Or will she turn him away like everyone else in his life has done? As the two get to know one another PDX is opened up to a whole new world will she accept it and will Qhuinn find what he’s always been looking for? 


I left the kings household after months of deliberation, searching my soul for answers, for a sign from the Scribe Virgin that would help me decide my future. I had never lived comfortably in the Brotherhood’s compound; nothing there could’ve kept me from leaving. I had to admit that I made a terrible soldier

In the king’s household, they had seen beyond my mismatched eyes, had seen beyond what my family had never been able to forgive. They had strived to find potential in me to be a loyal soldier, a servant to the race. They had tried so hard to turn me into someone that could’ve been of use and had so wholeheartedly thought that there was good inside me. The betrayal of one family had led to the paranoia of the other.

A risk didn’t exist if the circumstances were terminated.

I packed  my possessions, taken whatever money I had and taken off, boarding a night flight to some forgotten island in the Pacific, not caring where it was; as long as it was away from the bulk of the vampire population. No guilt consumed me at leaving.

Instead, the more distance I put between myself and the mansion, the more I felt as if the weight of the world had been miraculously lifted from my shoulders. I didn’t have to answer to anybody, didn’t need to do the right thing to impress anyone or keep disappointing those around me by failing to give them something in my soul that made them love me.

Gone were the restless days, the terrible nights when the deficiency I felt in my soul ate away at whatever I was. The emptiness I had felt my entire life rose like bile in my throat every time, a constant reminder that I wasn’t worth the air I breathed.

But here, on this island that seemed to cater to lost souls, I could free myself from the weight that had tortured my mind for so long.

Slipping onto a stool behind the bar, nodding to the bartender, asking him to bring me a bottle of his finest rum. Ignoring the glass, I turned in my seat to see the dance floor, taking a long swig directly from the bottle. Music laced with exotic drum beats fill the air as I watch the writhing bodies of the dancers, a mix of light and dark skins that melted together in a series of sensual movements.

The difference between this and the thousands of seedy clubs of New York struck me. I’d been used to pierced, tattooed, drug, sex, and alcohol addicts that danced to escape whatever curveball life had thrown at them. They’d all piled into the Goth clubs of the city to revel in depravity, to be surrounded by people who didn’t judge because they didn’t care. The anonymity of a depravity pit had such an alluring place, calling me forth to lose myself, lose my soul.

But here, in this tiny club, the dancers danced to feel, to connect to someone through some sexual experience, letting the drumbeats travel through their bodies and stir their blood. The people here looked for life rather than numbness; they touched each other, drank their liquor and danced to feel a connection to another life.

In the dim light, with the humidity rolling inside from the ocean, I realized that’s what I’d been looking for all these years. All those moments I’d spent sitting in the darkness of OneEye, I’d been looking for someone who could touch something inside me, to spark that part of my heart that made me feel like I was alive. But then again, I had actively shielded myself from finding that connection, from making myself vulnerable again to someone who could eviscerate me.

Having nothing left in me to trust anyone; there was no ounce of humanity left to attempt at love or trust anymore.

There was a female, dancing with a group of friends. She wore a short purple tube top dress, rubbing against a female with blonde hair, laughing as she whispered something in her ear. She turned around and something inside my gut jumped as I saw her face.

It was her.

The same tiger-eyed female from OneEye.

Looking at the bottle of rum, trying to figure out if that was what was making me hallucinate, or perhaps it was just my cock’s imagination. My lip turned up in a wry smile, the need to fuck somebody was probably doing some funky thing to my brain; making me see the hottest female I’d ever encountered, before my very eyes.

The women I had slept with since my transition were…endless, the men too. The endless faces, names and bodies that I’d found release with all jumbled up together into a mass of confusion and shame. None of them had been significant enough to remember their looks, some of them I didn’t even remember fucking.

Except one human female I’d met on a typical night at OneEye…well, it should’ve been typical.

But it turned out to be a night that would forever be imprinted into my brain.

I’d been out trolling, like every other night. The previous night had been rough, having spent time downtown with Vishous, coming across six lessers torturing a civilian vampire. The fight had been intense, the cuts and bruises on my body stinging still as I’d sat at the bar at OneEye, my eyes roaming for a warm body to help me forget the cloying stench of baby powder.

The club had its typical run of midnight clubbers on a Friday night, a massive orgy on the dance floor as I looked for the night’s first conquest. There she was. She had luscious golden brown hair and bright eyes, and when she caught me staring, she’d fixed her corset, her breasts pushing, straining against its confines.

I turned in my seat, sucking on the hoop that pierced my lip, my cock already stirring in my jeans, the ache in my body growing, my skin crawling with the need to fuck someone…to fuck her.

When she turned and saw me, she looked up at me with wonder, expressions I could read crossing her face.

She was more beautiful than I’d thought, and had lips that begged for mine. Her husky voice reaching me over the loud thudding of the club’s music, “hey,” was all she said.

I grinned at her, ignoring the sudden knot that had formed in the pit of my stomach as I took a step closer to her. I noticed she closed her legs instead of letting me between her thighs, “hey,” I answered, putting her legs between mine under the pretense of hearing her better,“I’m Qhuinn,” I whispered in her ear, my lips brushing its shell with each syllable.

She sucked in a breath, arching closer to me, pushing her breasts into my chest. The unease in her shoulders told me she’d never picked up a guy at a bar before, making the night more exciting for me. “I’m Elisha,” she yelled back.

That was when I saw her tiger-eye, the green depths of one-half colored by a creamy chocolate brown. I was struck by the fact that one of the only women to ever turn me on without touching me had mismatched eyes like me. I murmured her name, my voice husky even to my own ears, “Can I buy you a drink?”

Elisha nodded and I pushed closer to her to get the bartender’s attention, “another round” I shouted at him, slipping him a 100 to keep the drinks coming.

“What are you drinking?” she asked, a little startled that I stood there, her legs trapped between mine and her breasts flush against my chest.

I smiled at her, letting her know I had no intention of moving away, the scent of a healthy female under the perfume she wore driving me insane. My cock was throbbing, a hard, demanding presence that I’m sure she felt pressed against her. “Straight H,” I answered, chuckling at her slight confusion, “Herradura.”

I heard her laugh slightly, “oh.”

“Dance with me, Elisha” I whispered.

I took a step back; just enough to let her slip off the stool, my breath escaping me as her luscious breasts pressed against my chest. I took her slender hand in mine and led her to the dance floor, the throng of people parting before us, clearing a path to the middle. “I guess being tall has its advantages,” she yelled to be heard over the music.

I had no intention of dancing with her, I just wanted to touch her skin, wanted to feel her rubbing against my body. She, however, was a wonderful dancer, turning her back to me and rubbing against my chest, her luscious ass stroking me through my jeans. I gripped her hips, pushing her closer into me, letting her grind against me as my other hand slipped down between her thighs.

I kissed her throat as she’d arched against me, spreading her thighs slightly, her hips still rolling with the beat of the music as I pulled her skirt up, “you’ve never done something like this before, have you?” I asked, my lips pressed into her ear.

She shook her head, her long hair spilling over her breasts and my arm.

“Tell me to fuck off now then,” I told her, not believing the words that were coming out of my mouth. What was wrong with me? Why had I just given her the opportunity to walk away from me?

“I want this,” she’d whispered so quietly that I’d barely heard her, thinking I’d imagined her words from desperation, she had turned her head on my shoulder as my hand had traveled further up between her beautiful legs, “I need this.”

She was running from something too, her tiger-eyes couldn’t hide that from me as she clenched her thighs around my hand, feeling her warmth in my palm, it was all I had needed.

The chances of her finding me on an island so remote gripped me.

Everything happened for a reason. Life wasn’t a series of chances; it was a series of events that led to one single moment that defined your entire existence. Every single breath I had taken, from my very first lungful to the sigh that escaped me a scarce second ago, to the terrified gasps on the battlefield to the pleasure filled sighs as I’d found my release in someone or a bottle of Herradura, had led to this moment.

And she was there now, standing in front of me, her beautiful tiger-eyes gazing into mine, swirling with uncertainty and the surprise I felt. Laughter bubbled in her words as she realized she’d caught me off guard, “hey,” she grinned, moving closer, “Its Quinn right?”

I wasn’t sure. I seemed to have forgotten my name as I looked up at my lover.


The night breeze wasn’t helping with the topical weather or bodies pressed up against one another, my dress clung to me like a second layering of flesh. With not a care in the world my girls and I danced the night away. We shook our hips to the beat, smiling and twirling around with my hands in the air. Not stopping but slowing my rhythmic turn, I hadn’t seen him come in, what seemed like hours were only mere seconds but the club was a blur behind me; everything stood still and all I could see was him. His eyes were a little more sunken in like he’d dealt with a lot in the past couple months. Not that the last time we were together had I spent a great deal of time imbedding his facial features to memory, but something was different, I shouted to the girls I’d be back and made my way through the crowd to the bar.

Walking up to him he still seemed lost in some kind of thought, his dark spiky hair a mess but that tanned skin urging me to trial my fingers along his muscles and never stop. I approached him seeing those beautifully mismatched eyes and I almost laughed as I breathed out “Hey, Quinn, right?” Remembering that’s how we met last time, only he had come to me. I never had truly understood that. There were so many other women at OneEye that night. And I must have looked a mess, completely heartbroken after a messy breakup. He had given me the sexual escape I needed so desperately.

As he looked deep into my eyes I tried to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest. He nodded and his lips lifted into a grin that made my stomach do flips. He was much more handsome than any of my subconscious could have dreamt up. He really was standing right before me, but what to say. So you never called not to mention didn’t even say good bye, figuring if we started how we did last time it wouldn’t be wrong so I asked “Would you like to take a shot with me?” When he nodded again I couldn’t resist “Not a talker” mumbling “you weren’t last time either” then I felt his thumb feather over my cheek, the touch sending an electric current down my body and straight between my thighs. This man did things to me, made me feels things I never knew I could and desire things I never even knew I desired. In his single touch I remembered how his breathe feathered over my flesh and the feel of his soft lips pulling at my nipples. I almost moaned aloud at the memory.

As his lips dropped open I thought he was going to kiss me. Leaning into his touch, my body burning with a desire to feel his soft lips against mine, closing my eyes and waiting for a kiss but instead hearing him say “You ready to try H this time” with a chuckle. Opening my eyes hoping I hadn’t made a fool of myself, his smart-ass smile made me laugh. “Sure why not” My pulse still racing as we took the shot together, the slow burn flowing down my throat but my eyes never leaving his. Hoping for the tequila to wash away any uneasiness as he orders us another round not knowing what to say after we finish the second shot so I grab his hand .“Let’s dance,” yelling over the drums, pulling him to the dance floor.

Our bodies rubbed together feeling incredible, so intense forgetting I was here with my friends celebrating my 25th birthday, how was it this man could make me forget everything else around me. Dancing around and swaying my hips up against his in the outdoor club felt so right; like where my body belonged. Our bodies rubbing up against each other, I felt his lips brush against my ear, his teeth nipping at my flesh, reaching for his waistband to pull him flush against me, I could feel his length harden against me.

Feeling his need in his rough grip, my body denied my mind, pushing my hips back, grinding against his and disregarding the mantra in my head of distancing myself. The feel of his hard cock through his jeans building a pool of desire between my thighs, his grip tightened as if a warning but my body needed more. What was wrong with me, unable to contain my thoughts as our bodies continued to burn against one another, I turned in his arms as his leg went between my thighs and rubbed against my core. Lust ripped through me as I leaned up to kiss his soft lips. The metal brushing against my mouth as he parted my lips with his. His slick tongue stroking mine, the music could have stopped, hell world war three could have broke out but nothing but his kiss mattered he made the whole world disappear.

The night was coming to an end, feeling slightly dizzy, I asked him to come back to my room. The sadness I saw in his eyes made me reach up and gently stroke his dark eyebrow. Wondering what his thoughts were. Feeling his fingers lace through mine and pull me towards the backroom, I couldn’t resist. All of a sudden it was like a haze covered me, his lips melting against mine. His slick tongue dragging down my neck and his large hand pressed my head back into the wall as my body arched into him. A moment of pain then a feeling of him sucking on my neck, it felt so good. My whole body was on fire, lit from the inside out as he…feed from me?

In a complete blessed confusion I tried to speak, but only soft moans left my lips as his erection pressed into me. The club around us slowly became dark, I let my body melt against his, for some reason I knew he wouldn’t hurt me and I gave myself over. Next thing I knew Marissa was in front of me asking if I was okay. Looking around I shake my head “Yes, where’s…did you see Qhuinn?” Her confused expression told me all I needed to know then the splitting headache that came crashing upon me was more than I could stand after having so many shots, rushing past Marissa to the ladies room just behind her, feeling sick to my stomach I couldn’t ask if she saw him leave. It seemed he had left again without a word, agony washed over me. Was every thought of Qhuinn going to make my head pound?


My room at the island’s hotel was my cage during the daylight hours. It had thick, purple blackout curtains, but streaks of sun danced on the plush, tan carpet. I couldn’t look without my retina’s aching, giving me a massive headache.

 But a headache was the least of my problems.

After stumbling into my room after having fed from Elisha, my cock was so hard I could’ve hammered a nail to the wall. My own hand wasn’t enough to satisfy me, the lust I’d felt as my fingers had brushed her skin, the memories of her proximity flooded me…And the way the skin at her throat had given way as my fangs sank into her vein, her taste hitting my tongue like the richest wine from Boudreaux’s most exalted vineyards.

I’d been surprised at my own will power, at my own ability to pull away from her and walk away without thrusting myself inside her, desperately seeking that warmth in my soul to reawaken. But I’d walked away as fast as possible, wiping the feeding from her memories as I healed her wounds, running to my room, into my shower, the thought of her mouth around my cock making me cum in my hand.

But it wasn’t enough…I needed something more, something that would make me forget the lust that was rolling through my body in waves. My hips were jerking at their own accord, my glistening cock pounding, demanding a release from her lips, from her hands…from her core. Surprising myself, I’d managed to lock myself in my room and not seek my Tiger-Eyed fantasy.

I needed pain to distract me, to take my focus away from my pumping hips. The sunlight that burned my retinas drew me. Squinting, I knelt down, my jeans biting into my arousal, my knees giving way and I’d collapsed against the wall next to the window. Taking my forearm, I’d watched as the sun’s powerful rays sizzled the skin that covered the muscles. I’d gasped quietly at the pain…but my cock had been relentless, the burn on my arm serving no purpose.

Grabbing the blanket and some of the pillows, throwing them in the dark corner of the room, knowing the suspicion of the staff wasn’t worth the trouble of moving the mattress.

 Since I’d left the mansion, sleep and I weren’t exactly on speaking terms. It seemed I had become a vampire insomniac, staying up all day to stare at the ceiling and drinking the night away, trying to convince myself that no, the world wasn’t such a terrible place.

Tonight, the ceiling conjured up images of the beautiful Tiger-Eyed female whose blood was still running through my system, whose blood was now making my cock pound painfully in the air, my jeans and boxers discarded on the floor.

Sighing, rubbing my eyes, wondering if there was any way at all to get rid of the pounding need to be inside her. My cock twitched as if it was reminding me that the only release I could get from it was to release inside her.

Fuck. What was it about that woman that turned my cock into stone and gave me the illusion that my heart still functioned?

My ability to feel anything but lust for a female had been erased a long time ago. Women had become bodies, vessels I used to exercise my demons, keeping them quiet. Their feelings only mattered if I hurt them at the moment I was taking them, and I’d never been naïve enough to think they could feel even the slightest twinge of real emotion for me. The rejection at my father’s house had given me the conviction of my own worthlessness.

What I felt when I looked into Elisha’s Tiger-Eyes, the warmth that flooded my chest, that made my entire body feel as if just one more touch would send me into the best orgasm of my life. I had never felt a need this strong, a need that seemed to go beyond the physical limitations.

Having this nasty feeling if it hadn’t been daylight, I would’ve run to her.

The sun seemed to take its sweet time going down that night, as if Apollo’s horses were too tired to drag the chariot down. Finally, it was dark enough for me to be able to stand in front of my window.

Looking across the courtyard of the hotel I was staying at, watching the other guests so carefree and happy swimming in the big pool. Curses left my mouth on a breath as I realized the group of women on the other end of the pool was the same women who had surrounded Elisha last night.

How was it possible for a single woman, after a single encounter, become such a big part of my being?

Cursing vehemently, I took a quick shower and dressed, intending to put as great distance possible between me and her with those haunting tiger-eyes.

But somehow I ended up back at the hotel hours later, following the trail of her blood, finding myself standing in front of the balcony of her hotel room. I listened and couldn’t hear anything inside. She was there, behind the door, and she was alone.

Using my powers, I unlocked the door without a problem and stepped through the threshold, my thoughts inanely going to the old wives tail that a vampire had to be invited inside. She was sound asleep as I crept through the room, my suspicions confirmed as I found no one else in the hotel suite.

Barely entering the room when her eyes flew open, looking directly into mine. A moment of terror was quickly replaced by undeniable confusion and lust. “Q-Qhuinn?”

Stepping into the light, not wanting to freak her out any more then I already was. “Seems we’re neighbors,” my feet betrayed me as they made their way towards her, my steps slow and deliberate, watching her eyes flare in surprise, the beautiful bouquet of her arousal filling the room.

One heartbeat I’d been standing at the threshold to her room, the next I had my arms wrapped around her warm body, crushing her mouth with mine, stroking her lips apart with mine, my tongue tasting her. My cock was pounding painfully against the fly of my jeans, the room too hot as I reached for the hem of the tank top she wore.

Throwing the shirt to the floor, I looked down at her perfect body, my mouth dry at the site of her beautiful breasts, my name escaping her on a breath, her fingers sinking into my hair as I stroked her nipple into a hard bud with my tongue. Whatever control I had left inside me, whatever had kept me cautious of her disappeared as I tasted her in my mouth, as I heard her heart beating in anticipation of me.

Sucking her tight nipples and felt as though I could never get enough, was convinced that if I pulled away from her, if my tongue lost contact with her skin for one moment, I would die. I felt her slender fingers tugging at the hem of my t-shirt, pulling away from her briefly to let her draw my shirt away. My head fell back as she ran her hands over my chest, her fingers spanning over my hard stomach, her eyes never leaving mine as she reached for my belt.

With a feral growl, I kissed her again, couldn’t help myself as I pushed her back on the bed, her fingers shoving the heavy denim of my pants down around my thighs. Her hand stroked my hard cock as I kissed her, my tongue leaving a trail from her lips down to her nipple. She arched into me, her fingers tugging at my hair as she freed me from my jeans.

“Take these off,” she whispered, her voice filled with the same hysteria as the chaos in my mind. I reared back, leaving my pants on the floor. I knelt down between her thighs, watching her face, her beautiful tiger-eyes as I ran my hands from her knees up to her thighs, sweeping down to squeeze lightly. She jumped as I stroked the sensitive muscles there, her hips rolling as my hands got closer to her swollen, wet lips. I licked my lips, my fingers tracing the edge of her black lace panties that hid nothing from my hungry eyes.

Heat seared me as I drew down the black scrap from between her long legs, watching her hunger betray her as she let her legs fall open for me. Whatever words we spoke to each other were lost among the moans and sighs that utter want and need. My body had caught fire; there was no coherent thought, my mind screaming at me to taste her.

My name became a drawn moan on her lips as I positioned myself between her thighs, holding myself over her wet core on my elbows. The growl that escaped my chest surprising me as I stroked her thighs wider, licking my lips as my eyes memorized her wet, pink core. I drew my long middle finger down between her swollen lips, my tongue tentatively touching her as her body shook. She was so pretty, so pink and ready for whatever pleasure I had to give her.

 “Please,” she whispered, my hand running between her legs as she rolled her hips, her eyes squeezed shut as she brought her core to my lips.

Her breathless plea propelled me forward, my lips sucking on her core, my finger entering her, twisting inside her silky smooth pussy as my mouth sucked her viciously. Fearing I was hurting her, I tried to ease the strength of my sucking mouth but she was wild, demanding more of me, pushing herself into my mouth, mindlessly offering herself to me.

Cursing as her sweet honey covered my lips, my chin, “you taste so damn good Elisha,” sucking her lip into my mouth as my index finger slowly entered her, bringing her to a shattering orgasm. The sudden flood of her in my mouth was intense, the small of my back grabbing to bone so hard I was convinced I’d cum with her.

Breathless I rolled on to my back, thinking she was exhausted from her orgasm and in need of a break. She didn’t such a thing as she rose up on her elbow over me, her face flush from pleasure, she hummed as she kissed me, licking the inside of my mouth, tasting herself on my tongue, on my lips as my cock throbbed, aching for release.

Elisha buried her lips against my throat, trailing her hand down my chest, brushing over my nipple-rings, her nails scraping over my abs before gripping my cock in firmly. I arched into her hand, cursing at the ceiling as her open mouth followed the trail her hand had led, her teeth scraping over my heated skin. The sensation of her lips at the base of my throbbing cock was almost unbearable.

I had enough; I pulled her up against me, rolling us with me on top, her legs wrapped around my waist as I thrust deep inside her core. She yelled out as I buried myself to the hilt inside her trembling core, sweat misting our bodies, as I thrust harder into her, the headboard banging rhythmically against the wall every time I entered her.

Burring my lips behind her ear, her fingers digging into my shoulders, scoring me as I thrust deep inside her, “cum for me,” I breathed, my mouth finding her nipple. She arched off the bed, so beautiful as she lost herself in the pleasure of the moment.

My own orgasm rode my spine, rocking me as I released inside her, her body milking mine to the last heartbeat as I collapsed on top of her, my entire body shaking with the power of the orgasm. Holding myself over her, looking down into her tiger-eyes, my cock jerked inside her as another wave of lust gripped me.

Grinning, rearing back, groaning with her as I stiffly pulled out of her wet core to flip her on her stomach. She gasped as I pressed my chest to her back, my cock, wet from her body, pressed into her round ass. “I’m not done” I whispered in her ear.

She murmured something as I lifted her hips, holding her up for me by wrapping my arm around her waist. Groaning as I watched the way I slipped inside her.

 ”Do you trust me,” I moaned as my entire cock slipped into her glistening core.

The right answer was no.

But my tiger-eyed lover nodded, her fists gripping the sheets, pushing against me, riding my cock as she cried out with my hard thrusts.


Waking in his arms, shifting slightly under the sheets, the pain I felt reminded me of last night activates, but as his strong arms wrapped around me, it made it all worth it.

Kissing his forearm I whispered, “I kind of like us being neighbors” laughing slightly as his lips press against my neck.

“I do as well, Nalla” he murmured in the darkened room, the foreign seemed to roll off his tongue as if it meant something very special, I hesitated to ask its meaning.

His every touch reminded me of the night before, sending more shivers down my spine. Closing my lids wishing this moment would never end as I rub my cheek against his chest.

"I really must be going." Not wanting him to leave, I tightened my arms around him "or not," smiling up at him,

"You don’t have to you know, this is my room no one can come in…well, except you it seems," laughing slightly, "couldn’t you just stay the day with me?" Hearing him swallow, knowing that a rejection was coming, I pushed myself up, “it’s fine if you have things to do,” trying to look anywhere else but at him, “you obviously know where my room is.”

I was about to get up when he pulled me back down to his chest, his deep voice resonating through my core as he murmured, “I have things to do, but I could meet up with you later?”

Smiling against his chest, nodding as I answer in a quiet voice, “that would be wonderful. It’s my birthday party tonight,” looking up into his eyes, trying to keep my voice from wavering; I wasn’t looking forward to turning another year older. “I would love it if you could come?”

Feeling him nod yes before the soft brush of his lips trailed over my shoulder blade, then he shifted out of bed. Turning slowly to watch him dress, the rippling muscles down his back making me suck in my breath, he was just so gorgeous.

His large hands ran through his spiky black hair as he looked at me with those mismatched eyes, “well I guess I’ll see you later,”I nodded back in response.

Once the door shut my fingers lightly brushed over my lips, all I could think about was Qhuinn’s lips feathering over my flesh. My cheeks warmed at the thoughts that flooded me, thinking maybe, if I could get Qhuinn to stay around and not just pop up every now and again, aging wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Rocking back and forth in the freshly painted room, well not too fresh, Qhuinn wouldn’t let me in until the fumes dissipated. My thoughts drifted as I looked around, since my 25th birthday so much had transpired. Qhuinn and I had come back to Caldwell , together, but not as together as we had been on that island. There was so much he needed to share and all I wanted to do was be there for him.  As he told me about his life, where his parents always seemed to cast him out I’d hiss, wanting to slap those who didn’t see the amazing person I did, upside their head. Qhuinn and I became close, as best friends would. I shared how my father left me and introduced Qhuinn to my life and my twin. The amazing thing was Qhuinn fit so perfectly into my life, but I could tell he was still missing something in his. He tried to please me in every way, when we had our first scare that I might be pregnant he married me in the human way, but he had my twin tattoo my name across his shoulders for his way. In a sense everything was perfect maybe just not completely whole, see when you love someone as much as Qhuinn did it always left a hole in you that could never be filled, but forever could be seen. I was opened to a life I thought only happened in movies, not a love story but one that consisted of darkness…vampires. Anyone could see the love Qhuinn had for me and anyone could also see that wasn’t enough, he was missing something. Qhuinn had been through so much and his heart wanted what it wanted, that just happened to be his best friend from when he was young. His nightmares happened like clockwork, the name he breathed while he slept was another’s and each time I’d wake him he’d nestle into my arms like a small child just needing to be held, he’d never admit that though. Qhuinn was tough and too strong; awake he’d admit nothing more than wanting to be the protector he was destined to be. All I wanted to do was give Qhuinn the love he so deserved, one where he could love and be loved the way he craved to be, I just wasn’t the complete answer. Rubbing my fingers gently over my belly, looking at all the pink in the room it made my lips lift in a genuine smile, we had come such a long way in 15 months, learning each other’s every desire, yet we still had so far to go in the next 7. Hopefully in the end Qhuinn could know the love he deserved. As for me this is what happens when you fall in love with someone whose heart is already claimed by another…your love story goes unwritten.  

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